10 Most Trending Fitness Routines

Maintaining physical fitness has become a raging trend, especially with a variety of workout routines and popular gyms and fitness gurus using social platforms to advertise toned and fit bodies.

Whether you are stretching before a workout, whether you’re going for a jog or doing a workout. Just make sure that you wear lightweight, stretchy, and comfortable outfits so that your mobility won’t be restricted. You may consider buying the best activewear from Activ36five.

The 10 workout routines and styles discussed below are a combination of traditional and modern exercises. However, the goal of all these workouts is the same – to help people change their bodies to keep healthy and fit.

1. Barre

This style of exercising is very popular with women focusing on the traditional ballerina exercises. These classes are intense but they do not sweat-breaking. You can find the franchises of Pure Barre and The Bar Method all around the world in cities like New York, Los Angeles or Dubai. Just pay a visit to Physique 57.

2. Core Fusion

Popular and upscale fitness studio and spa Exhale offers a Core Fusion class which is exclusive to them under the supervision of their remarkable instructors. Scattered throughout the U.S, you can easily access Exhale in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Boston, Connecticut, New Jersey, Atlanta, Dallas, and Chicago. Island of Turks and Caicos is the international location for Exhale. You can choose from a variety of Core Fusion classes including a combination of barre, boot camp, sport (plyometric), and yoga and even cycling.

3. Spin

Spin classes are nothing new but this indoor cycling in the dark phenomenon is becoming a hot trend due to its ability to help you burn an average of 400-600 calories by working out for 40 minutes. It prevents a trip to the gym. This style has been adopted by celebs like Katie Holmes, David Beckham and Hilary Duff. You can find these bikes at Peloton Cycle. These custom cycles connect to Wi-Fi and you can even stream your classes from Peloton Cycle’s beautiful downtown NYC studio.

4. SurfSET

SurfSET brings all the great benefits of physical fitness indoors by exploring stability training and cardio on a surfboard-like apparatus. These exercises help you strengthen your core. It’s easy to access SurfSET as many independent fitness studios throughout the U.S are offering it. For those, who prefer the privacy of their homes, can avail the boards and DVDs sold by the company for use at home.

5. Chaise Fitness

Chaise Fitness is your ultimate solution if you are looking for a killer core and extreme fitness. It appears to be a blend of TRX and Pilates, but in reality it provides you a lot more than that. At Chaise you will find a Reinvention Chair (which is similar to a Pilates chair) where resistance bands are added overhead (similar to TRX). Along with this, you will be accompanied by top instructors who know how to add some fun to the staunch fitness regime. Presently, only the New Yorkers can enjoy the benefits if Chaise but soon there will be franchises all over the U.S.

6. Kangoo

Kangoo jump shoes are definitely the fitness accessory that should be part of your gear. These amazing shoes allow you to jump like a kangaroo and help burn calories rapidly. On surface, these shoes are similar to roller blading boots with two oval-shaped springs called rebounds at the bottom. The rebounds help you jump and burn stubborn calories. No need to worry about your knees as they are shock absorbent. Crunch is the place to try kangoo classes although other independent studios also offer these classes. Or, you can just go jumping through your local track or park.

7. Pilates

Popular since 1960s, Pilates continues to retain its position in the field of physical fitness. A prominent Pilate’s instructor, Danielle Havasy of BeYOUtiful Body states that Pilates provides full body conditioning workout. It’s one exercise that controls the core and gives the body resistance training. If done consistently, the Pilates can help you build up a leaner, longer and much stronger body.

8. Aerial

Aerial yoga and fitness allows you to maintain and perform poses while balancing in air. It aligns and strengthens the body and things like hammocks are used for support. These classes are popular form of overall physical fitness tips including poses which allow you to perform upside down. There are many independent studios that offer aerial classes, including OM Factory and Christopher Harrison in New York City.

9. Boxing

Boxing is a great way to keep fit. It is a crucial full body workout that will beat you into shape and also refine your mental abilities. Boxing also helps develop power and maintain an ideally fit body shape. Every punch provides an exhilaration which is helpful in refreshing and strengthening the mental powers as well.

10. ClassPass

ClassPass is a smartphone app that allows its users to get access to any fitness studio in the ClassPass network for $79-$100 per month (depending on where you live), which is quite inexpensive as compared to any classy gym. You can avail this offer up to three times in 30 days. As there are hundreds of options available over 30 cities (and growing), you won’t be able to come up with any excuse for not working out.