12 Tips to Sleep Well Outdoors

Sitting in front of a bonfire amidst the mountains and sleeping under the naked sky is a dream of many. People who are reading this article may also think of some similar fantasy. Most of us who grew in small towns or villages used to sleep on the terrace with views of the open sky. So, sleeping outdoors is not new but it is instilled in our memories and some of us might be living that life even now. But sleeping outdoors is different from how we sleep in our cosy bedrooms. It has its own challenges, adventure and thrill. Outdoors mean exposure to newer kinds of threats like animals, thefts and other such activities. If you are planning a night out with friends or going on a solo trip then this article could be beneficial for you. While going trekking or hiking, one needs to do certain things that will help in sleeping well at night. It also depends on the altitude of the place, if you are going
somewhere in the plains, then no problem because the situation is similar to your home. But high altitude poses health challenges for someone who is not familiar with such a climate. This is because without a good sleep at night you wouldn’t be able to enjoy your day. When others would happily be taking selfies and making videos, you would feel dizzy and sleepy in one corner. Read the article till the very end to get all your answers. Our main concern would be to avoid sleeping pills like Modvigil 200 and Modafresh 200 as far as possible. Many of you would be thinking why are we shying away from taking sleeping pills. This is because apart from providing good sleep, they also show side effects in the long run.

Get your clothes correct

If you are going to beaches or some other city then you need not worry because beaches mostly have moderate temperatures throughout the year. So, no tension in carrying heavy woollens. But if your destination is somewhat in the mountains or rural areas in winter, then carry proper clothes to warm your body. If you are not a hotel or homestay but friends decided to sleep in the lap of nature then get a sleeping bag. Or if you made a tent for yourself then that’s best for sleeping outdoors.

Carry a cotton pillow

Many of us like to sleep with pillows. Therefore, if you are out on a trip then you may find difficulty sleeping without a pillow because that’s your habit and habits don’t change overnight. So, it’s better to carry a small pillow. When asked to bring a pillow, people get a pillow that is made out of filled air and made of polyester. It is advised to carry a small cotton pillow that gives comfort to the head and stimulates signals of sleep to the whole body.

Avoid solo trip

This may sound outrageous to some but sleeping in a forest or any natural landscape may turn into a fearful experience for many. Being solo you must be careful about thieves and animal attacks and you are on your own therefore you need to be extra vigilant. This will act as a kind of pressure on your mind which will prevent you from sleeping peacefully.

Eat less calorie food

While going outdoors make sure you do not stress your stomach. Eat light food items like raw fruit, vegetables, dry fruits. Do not take oil food items or red meat because they take more time to digest and may result in vomiting.

Never be out of water

Always remain hydrated no matter what because water is needed by every cell, tissue and organ to function properly. A proper supply of blood and nutrients to various organs can come to halt if an adequate amount of water is not provided.

Urinate before going to bed

It is advised to empty your bladder before sleeping because a full bladder might wake up in the middle of the night. And after intense trekking in the morning, you want a sound sleep and surely don’t to wake up in between.

Apply pain relief ointment

It is said that stretching muscles and burning calories helps in falling asleep. But sometimes due to pain, you may find it difficult to fall asleep. An adventurous day might cause some minor pain. Therefore, apply pain relief ointment before sleeping.

Add more layers

Well, sleeping outdoors may not give you the same level of cosiness as in your bedroom. With less cushioning in tents, you may find it difficult in sleeping. Therefore, add one more layer of bedsheet or some cushion.
Carry sleeping pills
If you are suffering from insomnia or any sleeping disorder before going outdoors then please carry the prescribed sleeping pills. Modaheal 200 and Waklert 150 should be taken as per the prescription even while outdoors.

Listen to soothing music

Music is a universal language that works for everyone and everywhere. No matter you are in the mountains or your bedroom the same sad song will bring tears and the same high beat song will make you feel like dancing. So, create a playlist of soothing music or instrumentals and listen to them. You wouldn’t need Artvigil 150 and Modvigil 200 anymore for sleeping, music is a natural therapy.

Chat with your loved ones

Engaging in a group discussion with teammates will keep you awake for the whole night. Do a video call with your mom and tell her what you did all day. Her loving and caring words will surely ease all your pain within minutes, making you fall asleep faster.

Do just take selfies to work hard during the day

Many go to places just to take selfies. But when they are asked to hike 5 km they fail. Do not just eat, take photos and sleep, experience adventure in the outing. Do bungee jumping, river rafting, trekking, hiking or cycling on the beach. There are various ways to release sweat by stretching muscles. You cam all the way hundreds of kilometres away from home just not for photos but the experience.

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