5 Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Eyelashes

Knowingly or unknowingly, many things that we casually do causes potential damage to the delicate hairs on the eyelids. From slightly weakening the lash follicles to causing a major fallout, these habits and practices go a long way in determining the look and health of your lashes. In this article, let us figure out in detail what is crimping your eyelashes? Studies show that when using a multi-peptide serum for eyelashes, 95% of the people experienced their lashes and brows grow more thicker and lengthier.

Curling your lashes can cause them to fall out

Curlers are simple equipment that can be used to achieve curlier lashes with little effort. Curlers can help you achieve the desired shape for your lashes while also making them appear longer.. While all seems fine, many people wonder if “is curling your eyelashes bad”? Yes, curling your lashes is bad if the product and procedure are not correct. Curlers can cause harm to the lashline, such as lash pull outs, if they are not used properly.

The following are the most typical faults that people make when using a curler:

  • You are using more power than is necessary, which is causing the lashes to be pulled away from their roots.
  • The rubber or silicone insert in your curler has been worn out.
  • You are curling your lashes after applying mascara with the curler. Mascara causes the lashes to become rigid and adhere to one another. One of the most common blunders that individuals do is to use curlers after applying mascara.
  • This curler has pointed edges, which can cause harm to your existing lashes if used improperly.
  • You are not employing the appropriate strategy.

Leaving mascaras on for an extended period of time

Mascaras are quick remedies for getting dark and long lashes in a matter of minutes that most women use everyday. Can mascara damage your eyelashes? Yes, mascaras do damage your lashes when left on overnight. Mascaras are made out of a mixture of water, waxes, oils, and pigments that cover each lash with a black paste, giving the appearance of thicker and darker lashes. When you apply mascara to your lashes and leave it on for an extended period of time, the coating that forms over the lashes causes the lashes to become stiff and hard. Even as you attempt to remove the rock-solid mascara coating from your lashes, the inflexible lashes will readily break and fall to the ground. The use of a low-quality mascara might clog the hair shaft, causing your lashes to fall out in large quantities. It is necessary to keep the hair shaft clean and nutrient-rich in order to avoid it getting dry or clogged with excessive oil.

Poorly done eyelash extensions and lash lift procedures

When lash lifts and lash extensions are not performed properly by licensed aestheticians in a hygienic setting, there is a great likelihood that you will lose your natural lashes. When it comes to removing the falsies, you must make certain that the professional you are working with does not tug on them while also being careful on your natural lashes at the same time. The adhesive used in the application of lash extensions and fake lashes is extremely crucial to consider when purchasing these products. A decent quality glue that is gentle on the lashes is normally deemed acceptable, but inexpensive glues might cause your natural lashes to become tangled when you remove the extensions.

Extreme stress levels cause havoc on your lashes

The amount of stress you are under is directly linked to the amount of hair you are losing. It’s possible that you were experiencing it with your hair in your head. On days when you are experiencing emotional upheaval, you shed more hair than usual. In the same way, lashes should be treated with care. When you are anxious, your lashes begin to fall out more frequently than they should. Stress causes hair follicles to enter the telogen phase, also known as the dormant phase, resulting in the loss of hair from the follicle. So, in order to protect your lashes from falling out in a dramatic fashion, maintain your calm and keep your stress levels under control. Simple breathing methods and outdoor activities are excellent stress relievers that can also help you achieve lustrous hair growth.

Rubbing your lashes too hard

In the event that you wipe your eyes very hard, the soft lashes on the upper eyelids will be exposed to the turbulence. As a result of the friction created between your fingertips and the lash roots, the lashes get weak and fall out. Even when you’re removing your makeup, you should be gentle with your lashes to ensure that they remain undisturbed and healthy. Use the best eyelash and eyebrow serum for healthy and thick lashes.

We hope this article made you aware of the things that you should immediately stop doing to improve your lash line. Go cold turkey on these, gorge on a protein rich diet, keep your lashes clean, start using a lash growth serum and your lashes will grow and thrive to their fullest.

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