5 Reasons Why Diets Fail

Following a diet can be hectic, especially when you have to juggle between work and family life and you have no domestic help, to assist you in the chores at home. When you plan on starting a diet, you know where you see yourself after 3 months or 6 months, you know how many pounds you ought to lose to have that post wedding or pre-university body, you know what to eat and when to eat; yet your diet ends as soon as you start it. Do you know why? We played detective and found out these reasons.

You’re way too hard on yourself

You get too strict with your diet all of a sudden. If you’re used to eating fast food, sugary products or a lot of carbs in a typical day and you start a diet that is entirely protein based or solely vegetable and fruit based, then your body will find it difficult to cope. Your body is used to eating more and it gains energy from the type of food it eats, so all of a sudden, a complete change in diet would disturb your body and it will be hard to cope. Diets should be administered gradually so that your body gets used to eating small portions or the kind of diet you want to take it to.

You only focus on the diet

In most cases, people focus solely on the diet, completely ignoring that it should be accompanied with making subsequent lifestyle changes too. They think doing diet will help them lose weight and then give up on the diet when they fail to lose weight due to a sedentary lifestyle. You need to engage in physical activity or rigorous exercise, alongside your diet to lose weight and get that toned body you want.

You lack determination

You know your goal weight and you really want to be there to fit into your dresses that used to fit you perfectly some years back. All you lack is determination or the will to lose weight. You start your diet with so much enthusiasm but you quit after 3 days because you are unable to suppress your cravings at the sight of pizza or whatever it is you fancy. This is because you are not determined to lose weight and your will power is weak.

You want quick results

One major problem with people is; they want quick results. You cannot magically have that Angelina Jolie body overnight. You need to work out for that and persist in your efforts. All good things come to those who wait. So be patient and carry on with your diet and workout sessions and you will get the fruit of your efforts within months.

You starve yourself

People confuse diet with starvation. When your body does not get sufficient nutrients, it loses energy and that’s when many people complain they get weakness fits or sugar levels go down and they feel too lazy to work out. Go for a diet which gives you a flavor of all basic nutrients; a balanced diet. Do not eat too much in one go; Divide your food into small portions and eat after small intervals. This will keep your body supplied with essential nutrients and energy.