5 Reasons Why Sewing Benefits Your Health

What many people do not know is that sewing is not only about attaching garments but also, is an interesting thing to do. Sewing can help in various ways concerning health. I know most of you are know wondering on what I am talking about right now. For answers, therefore, in this article, I discuss five reasons why sewing benefits your health.

5- Let’s You Realize Yourself

When you talk about sewing, many people would take a perspective of a feminine chore. However, what these people do not know is that the process is much more than just that. Sewing allows you to spend time with yourself hence having a piece of mind. Besides, you are able to, at least do something for yourself. This then can be good therapy to numerous parts of your body, especially, for intellectual support (Fleisher& Dechene, 2004, p.4.04). In life, Focus is a very vital thing, therefore; taking your time at least occasionally can be a good idea. This can be achieved by sewing and, as a result, we are not prone to burning out. I would suggest that even men should consider sewing for it could vastly boost their self-esteem. Research has it that low self-esteem is, as a result of on measuring out their worth. This is especially towards what they have done to others hence leading to feelings of unappreciation.

4- Enables Mindfulness

In the previous discussions, we have seen that sensory overloads are caused by multitasking. Too much of everything is poisonous; therefore, I would suggest that one should sew to ease their minds. As a result, it will be easier to escape the possible stress since sewing brings calmness. For instance, there is an occasion in life where you are once multitasking. You are probably dialing your phone, checking on your diaries, and still watching your favorite TV shows. This can be risky as you are laying face down to severe headaches. Compared to sewing, your health is much safer than anywhere else is. This is because of staying mindfulness for doing one thing at a time, sewing (Clarke, et al. 2004, p, 173).

3- Enhances Accomplishment

Accomplishment includes numerous things such as finishing a project among others. In addition, owning something that you have created by your self is very fulfilling. To growing kids, accomplishment can be an added advantage if they are trained to achieve it at a tender age. This not only eliminates low self-esteem but also ensures confidence. There are kids’ sewing machines that I would suggest as to achieve this. With kids sewing or rather pretending to sew, they are able to develop earlier. Aside from just being able to finish the project, sewing, though, can enable one to feel proud of themselves. If a kid can grow up feeling this way, believe me, he/she is going to become a responsible adult.

2- It Brings About Effective Coping Strategy

Sewing is a very powerful tool for healing numerous human tribulations. A person with stress and depression can, therefore, be a good example to apply it. As many people would turn to drugs to achieve this, I would highly recommend sewing as the best option. This is because, unlike the alleged drugs, sewing is more of a structured process that allows you to work on a project gradually. This enables one to choose what speed they prefer to set hence enhancing concentration. Also, being able to work step by step ensures that one is not frustrated in the long run.

1- Builds Positive Intellectual thinking

According to research, the human brain is the laziest organ in the human body. The way you subject it to work is the way it will be. For this reasons, there is a need for therapy to keep our brain working. An eligible mind, additionally, is equal to eligible body hence one is more responsive and alert. How then do we achieve such qualities? Sewing skills are able to open one’s social life. For instance, since it can boost self-esteem, it is, therefore, easier for one to meet new people. Sewing tactics are an excellent way of refreshments. For a happy life without depression, if asked, I would recommend that people should start to sew (Fleisher & Dechene, 2004, p.4.04).

To conclude, research has it that to date, knitting/sewing has a neurochemical effect on the brain. This chemical is, therefore, subjected to change the brain functionality to the better. It is proven that it enables this by decreasing the stress hormones. It, therefore, boosts the level of serotonin and dopamine. These two chemicals are responsible for making one feel good hence a good mood is experienced.