5 Tips to Dine Out When You are On A Diet

If you are planning to shed those extra inches and lose some weight, the first thing any fitness guru or nutrition expert would tell you is to eat healthy. Adopting healthy eating habits may be challenging at first but once you do it, it becomes quite easy. However, when you have to head out for a meal, it can prove to be a big dilemma.

When you are faced with a huge list of unhealthy fast food and other gourmet choices, it may become really overwhelming to stick with a healthy diet plans. Many people who start really well with a diet plan tend to end up unsuccessful because of excessive eating and indulging in high fat food options. So exactly what to eat when most of the dishes available at the restaurants are packed with salt, sugar, refined carbs and trans-fats? Should you just avoid going out and give up on social life? Well, you have to do nothing like that. You can go out and still stick with your diet plan if you plan it strategically and take some intelligent decisions when ordering food. To help you make the right decisions to help you stick to your diet plan, here are some effective tips that would ensure that you stay on the track.

Stick to Your Regular Diet Throughout the Day

Most of us tend to starve ourselves on the day when we have to eat out. However, this is a very harmful and unhealthy practice and it should be completely avoided. The reason is that by the time you actually reach your destination, you are so ravenous that instead of eating less, you would end up eating a lot of food –especially unhealthy food. When you’re famished, it becomes really difficult to control your temptations. So, it is better to eat normally according to your diet plan.

Read the Menu Carefully

A little mistake can cause you to lose all the effort you have put into your diet. So, you need to be really vigilant about what goes into your dish and you can do so by reading the menu carefully. Go for the options that mention the cooking methods like boiled, grilled, steamed or poached. Keep away from creamy, fried and cheesy options.

Aim for a Balanced Plate

Eating out does not mean you can’t manage your meal portions. Make sure that you have a balanced option on your plate including veggies, lean protein, healthy fats and complex carbs. Broccoli, spinach, fish, chicken breast, nuts, beans, olive oil, avocado, and whole grains are really good as they are digested slowly and help you burn more calories.

Be Choosy and Ask for Modification

There is no harm in a cheat meal occasionally but you can still try to make it healthy by being a little choosy about what you eat. Do not indulge madly in wine, bread, fried foods altogether. Choose one that you are craving for most and enjoy the cheat meal. Many restaurants also oblige their customers and make necessary modifications. You can ask for whole wheat past instead of the regular one or asking for a sugar free option for your drink.

Control Portion Sizes

Portion sizes matter a lot when you are on a diet. When you’re at a restaurant, start out with a smaller-sized salad plate. This will allow you to eat less and feel comfortable as well.