6 Tips For Beginning Boxers

Is boxing a male sport? No, more and more women are finding their way to the ring to react or just to work up a sweat.

Rightly so! Gigi Hadid, Romee Struggle, Adriana Lima, Karlie Kloss, Cara Delevingne, these are just a few famous names that can be found regularly in the boxing ring.


Boxing is not only good for your figure but is also a wonderful outlet. Did you know that during a boxing session of about 45 minutes you burn between 600 and 800 calories? Moreover, boxing is a good workout for your heart and you get clearly defined arms. Not unimportant, you also sharpen your mental resilience.

Planning to drive towards the boxing club? Are you afraid of the men’s world? Do not be! Who knows, you are under the spell of the ring in no time.

1: Where are you going?

‘The threshold fear is very high among women’, Tom emphasizes. ‘That’s why you are looking for a club, fitness center or CrossFit that appeals to you, or where you might know someone or have heard of them. It is even more convenient to reserve a trial lesson. You notice almost immediately whether the club is you. A good coach and a gym with a nice friendly atmosphere determines whether people return or not. Boxing is a sport where you can already see from the first lesson if it is something for you. A coach also noticed such things quickly. ‘

2: Who will you take with you?

The first time to the boxing club seems more pleasant with the two of us. Therefore ask a sporty person and immediately overcome all hesitation. Be careful: save the last gossip in the cafeteria afterwards, but keep your concentration sharp in the ring.

In principle it is not necessary to take someone to the boxing club. Nowadays, boxing is a real hype and no one is looking up from new faces. There are usually enough possible training partners available. The teacher will always put the members to a partner after warming up, which he / she deems to be of the same level in terms of condition, strength and control. You will experience even more pleasure on your own level and that is the ultimate goal of the sport.

3:  What are you doing?

Good to know : what about outfit-wise?

There are no special outfit requirements. A short or running trousers with a simple T-shirt are sufficient to get started. At the first training sessions the new members can usually use club material (boxing gloves, shiners).

In the long run it is of course more fun that you have your own material. Not to mention: a mouth guard and windings are absolute must-haves for training. Get into the ring with your best equipments. You can check fighting equipment reviews to buy only the best that works. Even fashionistas can go all the way. The boxing culture is hip. That trending wicker is not called “boxer braids” for nothing. Moreover, barefoot training is done in most clubs. A beautiful nail polish can do no harm.

4: Why do you jump?

Who thinks of boxing, thinks of skipping rope. Why exactly the association?

‘Ropping is a popular warming because it almost covers the entire body: jumping for the legs and with the handles putting pressure on the arms and wrists. This in combination with abdominal exercises and stretching exercises guarantees an injury-free training. Skipping rope is also essential for women: ‘A good warm-up can also prevent a lot of injuries.’

Tip:  Practice a double jump at home. Seems simpler than it is!

5: Main basic technique?

At the same time : ‘Keep cover’

Keeping cover is often a problem for beginners. Keeping your hands on your head is not a natural reflex. It requires the necessary training to think about your cover during box combinations. When boxers take a round of sparring after a number of training sessions, they quickly find out firsthand why a good cover is necessary.

In short, tie it in your ears: keep your cover at all times. Always look your partner in the eye and keep your hands up. Ignoring these instructions, you can more quickly than desired knocked out hit. Aborting mistakes is after all a lot harder than suddenly learning the right thing.

6: Breathing

‘It is very important that you learn to breathe from the beginning during the training sessions. This means that you have to blow out every blow or kick that you give. Some make the mistake of holding their breath in a whole shock combination that makes them tired quickly. If you familiarize yourself with a good way of breathing from the beginning, this will soon become an automatism.