7 Fast Foods you should definitely avoid

Fast foods sure are yummy and appealing as well as handy and cheap, but they can have serious health concerns if you eat them on a daily basis. According to research, excessive consumption of fast food can lead to accumulation of fat and cholesterol in your body, causing obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and other deadly diseases that are related to these conditions. Obesity itself leads to so many other life threatening conditions and diseases, as a result of high calories and fat intake. Here are 7 foods from famous eateries that one should avoid eating very frequently because of their high calories and fat content.

Arby’s Roast Turkey & Swiss Sandwich

This meal sounds tasty but the humongous sandwich is packed with 520 calories with a full day’s supply of sodium and high level of saturated fat. It is better to drag a friend along to share this sandwich if you are too tempted to avoid it.

Subway’s Footlong Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki

Subway has created a brand image of eating fresh and healthy but do not be fooled when it comes to this sandwich which is around 640 calories and very high in sodium content. This sandwich alone fills the daily requirement of sodium by the body so there is a good chance you will cross it per serving when you consume it.

Cinnabon’s Caramel PecanBon

It is very hard to suppress the urge to consume sweet, but hey be careful when it comes to this sweet treat. A single roll alone is around 1100 calories with the high content of saturated fat, around 20 grams. Stay away from this snack as much as possible and only treat yourself with it, once a month maximum.

McDonald’s Filet-o-Fish

There is no harm in eating fish on a daily basis as it is rich in omega 3 but fish clubbed with mayonnaise and tartar sauce every day can cause a lot of unwanted trouble for your body. This sandwich is around 380 calories but is very rich in saturated fats which can be life threatening in the long term.

Burger King’s Tender Crisp Chicken Sandwich

This sandwich and add a side of soda and fries to it and nothing could be any worse for your body. This sandwich alone is around 800 calories with 46 grams saturated fat. There is single healthy vegetable or fruit in this sandwich so don’t fall into the trap.

Taco Bell’s Volcano Nachos

These tacos are literally slow poisoning served on a platter. They are around 1000 calories with around 2000gram of sodium which is very high for a single serving. The only benefit of consuming this is the 16 grams fiber content of these tacos which is negligible looking at the obesity and other health issues you will have to deal with after consuming these frequently.

KFC Half Spicy Crispy Chicken

You get an assortment of thigh, drumsticks, and chest piece in this meal and all of these cuts are high in fat content. One meal alone can provide you with your daily requirement of fat, calories, and sodium. The oil can settle in your blood vessels leading to stroke if consumer very frequently.

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