7 Foods that kill your Intelligence

Just like people, there are good and bad in food too. Some are like magical healers and packed with nutrition for your body, some help your reduce weight and Detox, some help you exercise better but there are also foods that slowly feed on your intelligence like a parasite. Shocked? Read further for some bone chilling discovery about foods that kill your intelligence.

Sugary Products

Sugar taken in excess amounts is indeed sweet poison for not only your body but also brain. Excessive consumption of sugars in any form, create a multitude of brain problems and also hamper memory so all those who are big dessert fans, please be mindful.

Junk Food

A recent study showed that junk food alters brain chemicals, leading to depression and anxiety in the long run. Foods excessive in fats are known to create frustration and withdrawal in your body, as it hampers production of Dopamine; a chemical that promotes happiness in the body and an overall feeling of wellness.

Excessively Salty Foods

Very salty foods have an adverse effect on your blood pressure which is a well known fact. However, research has suggested that foods which are higher in salt also hamper our cognitive function and inhibit your ability to think and analyze.

Processed Meats

Proteins are like he brick and mortar of your body and muscles and are vital for anybody function. Meats are the highest source of protein but one should avoid eating processed meats available at supermarkets like hot dogs, sausages, nuggets etc. These are not natural proteins and are processed or artificially engineered so they have negative impact on your bodies unlike the healthy proteins of non processed meats. They cause deadly diseases and also the chemicals used in these meats affect your brain and later the hormone production cause an imbalance.

Avoid Trans Fat

Trans fat are big trouble creators. They cause so many issues in the body like cardiac issues, elevated cholesterol, hormonal imbalance causing obesity and infertility etc. However, they also make your brain lazy and worn out, which reduces the quality of reflexes and also the brain response gets affected. Excessive consumption can cause Alzheimer like brain shrinkage if not controlled initially.

Artificial Sweeteners

Fitness freaks and weight conscious people tend to avoid sugar to reduce weight and in that they shift to artificial sweeteners. Indeed these contain low calories but they are more harmful than beneficial to your body. They affect your cognitive capacity if taken for longer periods.


Nicotine creates trouble in your body by blocking blood flow to the brain which needs good supply of oxygen to perform successfully. It causes bad breathe, white hair, sinus issues, increased risk for lung cancer and also pre mature aging. It might hamper brain neuron function by blocking small capillaries restricting blood flow to these parts; as a result, the response will be slow. If this goes on, your brain will die receiving low or no blood supply due to blockage.