7 Habits Proven Better than Weight-loss Drugs

Wherever we look, weight-loss drugs, supplements and pills are trending from social media to T.V commercials. Though some of them may be advised by the doctor, it is still not for everyone. Over-the-counter diet pills are extremely risky and dangerous for your health.

Nutritionists unanimously forbid such an unhealthy and unnatural option. Most of them believe in healthier lifestyles and behavioural changes. Here are 7 basic habits that you need to incorporate in your lifestyle that can help you make permanent changes.

Healthy Habit # 1 – Drink Water

Replace all those harmful fizzy drinks and the sweetened, packed juices and energy drinks with pure water. Drinking pure water will not only keep you hydrated, it also keeps your hunger pangs at bay. To jazz up the plain, boring water, you can add fresh lemon and cucumber slices to liven it up with flavor.

Healthy Habit #2 – Eat Breakfast

It may sound clichéd but having breakfast like a king is the absolute truth as it boosts your energy levels and also prevents unnecessary hunger pangs. You can get an energetic start to your day with a healthy, balanced and nutritious breakfast. It is best to go for the perfect combination of high-fiber starch and lean protein as it assists your metabolism and helps in stabilizing your blood sugar.

Healthy Habit #3 – Consume Nuts

Looking for a healthy snack in between the meals? Grab some nuts like almonds, cashews, pistachios, walnuts, hazelnuts, chestnuts, pecans, pine nuts, many more. These nuts are packed with healthy fat and are a great source of protein, and fiber. A good suggestion is to pack your own healthy trail mix based on nuts and seeds to save you time and keep your energy levels up.

Healthy Habit #4 – Eat More Meals

The latest trend with weight watchers is dividing their meals instead of having 3 heavy meals during the day. It has been discovered through various researches that keeping away from food for longer periods actually slows down your metabolism. To keep it active, it is advisable to eat three meals and two snacks in between the meals. It helps you curb the unhealthy cravings and boosts your metabolism which helps in burning calories.

Healthy Habit #5: Sleep Well

Recent researches have revealed that irregular sleep patterns are one of the major causes of obesity. There are negative effects on the metabolism which also works during the night. Another reason that connects disturbed sleep with weigh-gain is that due to lack of sleep, our body craves for high-fat, sugary foods. A good night’s sleep not only ensures a healthy calorie burn but it is also effective for healthier skin and makes you look younger.

Healthy Habit #6: Keep Track

You can go for the wearable tech gadgets for your fitness routine and calorie burn but to keep a track of the food you are consuming, it is best to stick to journaling. Once you have the details of the things you eat in writing, it will prevent you from cheating and sneaking unhealthy snacks.

Healthy Habit #7: Eat Veggies

Incorporate a lot of veggies into your diet. When snacking, keep a pack of raw veggie sticks at hand. At meal-times, ensure a bowl of salad accompanies your protein portions and you are good to go.

Include these healthy habits, avoid stress and be happy as these are the best ways to say goodbye to the fat and the extra pounds.