Laser Skin Resurfacing: Things you should know before the treatment

Everybody dreams of having dewy and flawless skin, regardless of your gender. Skincare is important, and there is no reason why one should not do it. It is important for everyone to carry out a skincare routine religiously and follow them only after consulting with a known and good dermatologist only. You cannot just rely on anyone when it is about your skin. Your skin health is as important as your regular health. There is no denying that once we have that flawless looking skin, we all feel more confident and would love to flaunt it whenever we can. We all have been there and would like to do it all the time.

People all over the world spend thousands on skincare and other dermatological treatments in search of good- and healthy-looking skin. We all have been in this situation and have spent quite a lot of our budget on it. People have been taking various treatments to get that healthy and shiny skin. We all know how lasers are the perfect tools to deal with different skin problems, including acne scarring, wrinkles, fine lines, tattoos, sun spots, and even loose skin. You state a problem, and the laser skin resurfacing would have the perfect solution for it. It is that great!

However, no matter how much you think you know about laser skin resurfacing treatments, there are a few things that you MUST know before getting Laser Treatment.


Regular Practitioners are Not Professionals

One of the biggest mistakes that most people make is that they think their regular parlour girls can perform this treatment. NO, please do not make the mistake of trusting them with your skin. You will end up with something much worse than it is already. Go to the ones who are licensed to perform this activity. There is a particular training and education given to the experts. If your parlour girl does not have this certification, you should not get in touch with them.

If you are looking for the treatment, it is smart to go for the one that has the board certification of plastic surgery or at least a dermatologist with major experience in laser treatments. Most of the problems occur because of the people who are not plastic surgeons and dermatologists. One of the most common practices is regular dentists with the weekend laser course; buy this kit and practice these procedures. 


Basic Categories of Resurfacing Lasers

You and I, the regular people with no links with medicine, dermatology, and plastic surgeon, do not really have any idea about the basic categories of resurfacing lasers or other important things about this treatment. It would be best if you cared that you should conduct the basic research about the procedure to know what questions to ask them and what results to expect. If they get to know you are naïve and do not know anything about it, there are chances he ends up taking advantage of you.

When we talk about resurfacing laser categories, there are various categories that we need to talk about. The two major categories are Ablative and Non-Ablative.



One of the two categories is Ablative, which are powerful lasers as they help remove the epidermis, which is the top layer of the skin, and some parts of your dermis, which is the second layer of your skin. The overall procedure happens with the help of superheating water in the skin. It further causes the controlled vaporizations of all the cells of the skin. With the help of laser treatment, your body would respond by making younger and new skin. Something that we all want. Through this, you can get tighter skin while removing all the fine lines and softening the wrinkles. All the sunspots will be lightened, and your benign skin growth will also be destroyed. 



According to some very well-known dermatologists, the dubbed non-wounding lasers are known as non-ablative lasers, which are prettier when compared with their ablative counterparts. It is mainly because of the direct energy of the ablative lasers to the top layer of the skin, which renews most parts of the superficial body areas. Moreover, the non-ablative lasers also work by constantly and directly directing the laser energy in a much lower frequency to attack the deeper tissue.


In addition to this, the new research regarding the laser resurfacing treatment is that the results of non-ablative treatment are pretty mild and are pretty better and effective for people flaunting their darker skin shade since they are more at risk of hyper and hypo-pigmentation. If you are looking for slower results over a longer period and want to undergo more sessions, this is what is for you.


Light Therapies

If you are not aware of this kind of therapy, it’s time you widen your horizon. Let us shed some light on it. The Light Therapies are one of the non-ablative treatments, and these are the light therapies, also called the IPL treatment, which is known as intense pulsed light or violet-blue light. All these things are not a laser, nor do they resurface the skin. Instead, you can call it rejuvenating therapy.

All these therapies result in the same result that the laser gives. However, they are more targeted and comparatively gentler. IT is mainly because using one laser that is overall focused on the skin uses different wavelengths of light right at once. One of the many things that you must keep in mind while getting light therapy is there will not be a significant difference in the before and after photos. Do not expect your therapist to give you dramatic before and after pictures but expect some killer skin maintenance. These skin treatments are particularly for the younger population, which does not need much work.

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