Aloe Vera: Gift of nature

Nature is bountiful. It has gifted us life in the form of plants, animals, birds, water, air, and whatnot. The marvels of nature do not stop here. We have beautiful landscapes, a marvelous blue sky, and an unlimited universe to feel blessed on this planet at every moment. Nature is so generous to us that we call it mother earth.

Among so many gifts of nature which includes flora and fauna, herbs have found a unique place in our life. There are plenty of known and unknown herbs that humans have been using since ever. In fact, our mythological stories have proved that humans since ages are depending on these herbs as a holistic cure to their pains. Lord Hanuman brought sanjeevani to revive Lord Lakshman.

Talking about herbs there are several herbs found in remotest places like faraway lands, sea, shores, mountains, and more. But have you noticed these herbs growing in our backyard or in small pots kept on the balcony?

Yes!! there are vast varieties of herbs that can be grown in kitchen garden too.

That reminds me of herbs like coriander, ginger, aloe vera, and so on. Aloe vera, you heard it right it is a herb and not just a decoration plant. It is a wonder drug for many diseases. There are so many uses that aloe vera is considered a miracle drug.

Today it is driving a million-dollar industry that spreads from beauty creams to healthy juices and diet supplements.

If you want to have sparkling skin, a healthy gut and shiny hairs like me then read on till the end.


Aloe vera Appearance:

• It looks like a green -cactus plant. The height of the aloe vera plant is one or two feet. It has prickly and bitter leaves. The prickly leaves are designed to protect the plants from animals and insects.

• The leaves hold a gooey translucent gel, bitter in taste. This gel has unbelievable healing properties. This gel consists of 96% water, some organic and inorganic compounds, a type of protein that contains 20 amino acids found in the body, and vitamin A, B, C, and E.

• Another useful part of aloe vera is sap, a yellow-coloured liquid stuck to the skin of the plant from inside.

• You can dry and purify the powdered aloe vera and use it as a laxative.


Why aloe vera is a miracle plant

• There are incredible benefits of aloe vera that justify it as a miracle cure.

• The aloe vera is useful both as a plant and gel. The gel can be procured from the plant at home.

• It is interesting to know that every part of aloe vera is useful like leaves, stems, gel.
• The most significant element of aloe vera gel is a complex carbohydrate known as acemannan. It helps nutrients to reach the cells, nourish them and relieve them of toxins.

• When applied or consumed orally aloe vera is a healer. British herbal medicines, Chinese herbal medicine has largely advocated the use of aloe vera as a medicine.


Many Benefits of Aloe Vera:

Aloe vera is one of the oldest plants. It gives many benefits for the skin, health weight loss, and more.

Know more about the topmost benefits of aloe vera here.

• Aloe vera for hair
• Aloe vera for digestion
• Aloe vera tonic as medicine
• Aloe vera as a drink in healthy juice and diet supplement


Aloe vera gel for skin
• Aloe vera is rich in vitamin C and E . This keeps skin young and healthy. Aloe vera gel can be used in various ways for good skin and hair.
• Aloe vera hydrates and moisturizes hair and skin.
• In Ayurveda, Aloe vera is referred to as the miracle herb that can be used to treat wounds, minor cuts, dry skin, and severe burns.
• Aloe vera contains vitamin C, E, and beta carotene which gives it its nourishing and anti-aging qualities.
• It can be used as a moisturizer without making the skin greasy.
• It gives radiant skin.
• Aloe vera or aloe vera-based products can be used for all skin types
• Aloe vera is recommended by dermatologists to treat the cells on the epithelial level of the skin to remove tan, treat sunburn and stretch marks


Aloe vera gel for hair :

• Aloe vera gel in its pure or processed form can be used in various ways for good skin and hair.
• It gives shine and luster to hairs.


Aloe vera gel for weight loss:

• It is very effective for weight loss.
• Aloe vera has revolutionized the world of beauty and skincare. Aloe Vera contains ample amounts of vitamins and minerals that contribute to weight loss.
• The presence of amino acids, enzymes, and sterols, improves the body’s absorption and utilization, improving overall health.
• Aloe vera juice if consumed on empty stomach improves digestion and cures any kind of stomach trouble.
• The health industry is also revolutionized by aloe vera, due to the aloe vera’s wondrous health benefits.
• It is also known as ghritkumari in Hindi.
• It is used in the form of gels, cream, and juices


All this and more. The uses of aloe vera as so many that it cannot be stated in one article. When nature has gifted us so much it is our duty to give back to nature as well. Let’s protect our plant life. These plants teach us moral lessons to be a giver too. Let’s do our bit to keep our mother nature as beautiful as it was handed us millions of years back. Who knows there are more herbs as wonder herbs like aloe vera. Let’s preserve this gift of nature.

You may want to experience the benefits of Aloe vera rather than just reading about them. I advise you to plant one aloe vera and explore various benefits for yourself. Do share with us how you choose to use aloe vera and the benefits drawn from it.

Author Bio: Ratna Mishra has a deep interest in digital marketing and sales and has been a digital marketing associate and freelancer in software SaaS start-ups, and consumer startups like She is an ex-entrepreneur as well. Specialities: Digital Marketing,  Business Development, Content Writing, Youtube Marketing.

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