How to Choose the Best Eyelash Extensions Based on the Eye Shape?

If you are planning to get eyelash extensions, you may have come across various types of eyelash extensions which may have left you wondering which one to choose for the best results.

Well, the type of lash extensions to be chosen is largely decided by the shape of your eyes.

There are various shapes of eyes and if you know which one you have, the process of choosing the right lash extension may become easy for you.

Here are various eye shapes and lash extensions that can flatter them.

Almond Eyes


Almond eye shape is considered ideal because they are double as wide as they are high, which means that they are visually more proportional than other eye shapes.

The fortunate ladies having almond shape eyes can wear any type of lash extension style or curl.

Type of Lashes for Almond Shape Eyes

Although almond eye shape can look beautiful in any lash extensions, you may want to choose the most perfect ones, for example, Russian lash extensions from Fancy Lash.

There is greater scope for experimenting with almond-shaped eyes. If the eyes should look elongated, more and longer lashes should be applied to the outer corners.

If you want a more open, rounded shape or doll eye effect, longer extensions should be positioned in the middle.

This type of eyes look even more beautiful in C curl, but you can experiment with various shapes or curls like 3d eyelash extensions at Fancy Lash.

Hooded Eyes/Monolids


As their name suggests, hooded or monolid eyes are hidden under the hood and have no crease and have little to no eyelid space.

This shape is more common in Asian people. Often they have small eyes and lids can seem pretty heavy.

Therefore ladies with this eye shape should look for opened up eyes to get the effect of eyes that are more lifted.

Type of Lashes for Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyes cannot be flattered with the standard C curl due to the heavy lids. They need an extreme curl from D to L or even L+.

A straight curl and flat base can achieve the effect these eye shapes desire for enlivening them. Thus, on their outer corners and up in the middle, the longest lashes should be applied.

Round Eyes


In round eyes, whites of the eyes can be clearly seen around the iris. Round eyes also tend to look bigger and more prominent than other facial features.

Since they are basically very open, they need a very talented and experienced lash technician to choose and apply lash extensions so as to enhance their beauty.

Type of Lash Extensions for Round Eyes

Since they are so open, the lash extensions should not be extreme. Shorter lashes look good on them and avoid a surprised look.

Also, a loose curl can give an illusion of an almond eye shape. The longest lash extensions should be applied to the outer corners of these eye shapes.

Deep-set Eyes


Deep-set eyes are set deeper inside the eye socket and have a protruded brow bone. Although beautiful, these eyes can seemingly cast shadows and look dark.

Types of Lash Extensions for Deep-set Eyes

Dramatic lashes cannot do any good to this eye shape, though longer and straighter extensions can actually flatter them.

So, have you started finding which eye shape you have?

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