Can Erectile Dysfunction Be Reversed?

Erectile dysfunction is a common problem faced by many men. Data shows that around 52% of males fail to get Medicine Cenforce 100 when they are in a sexual situation. Most males are ashamed of themselves due to this but let me tell you there is nothing wrong with having erectile dysfunction

Now there are situations where a man is unable to get hard “Sometimes” but there are other cases as well where a man is not able to get erected EVER! Or keep him sexually excited for a longer period of time.

There are some other cases as well where the male used to get an erection but after some years it no longer happens.

Most diseases can be treated with proper medication Tadalafil Vidalista 20 or surgery and so is erectile dysfunction, however, it is not necessary that erectile dysfunction can only be treated by surgery or medication other tools like Penis Pump is also helpful. Let’s talk in detail about this. 


Can erectile dysfunction be reversed? 

There are chances where erectile dysfunction might not be fully recovered but even if that happens the symptoms can be reduced and the erectile dysfunction condition can be slightly better. 

You need to know about the types of conditions where erectile dysfunction can be reversed. There are two types of erectile dysfunction conditions acknowledged by doctors. 


  • Primary erectile dysfunction 

It is a severe condition which is also a very rare condition, in this, a man has never experienced a boner or never been able to keep a boner. 


  • Secondary erectile dysfunction 

This is the common condition mostly cases are based on this condition, it means a man used to have normal erectile functioning but now it is now not normal. 

Secondary erectile dysfunction is the one that can be reversed and is not even that serious problem.

About Primary erectile dysfunction, it can be very intense, and still there is no surety if it will be completely or even recover at all. 


Methods For Reversing Erectile Dysfunction


Easy to go methods 

These are the “short term methods” which will help you get the erection for some time but as soon as the erection goes away you might have to use the method again.

This will not treat your erectile dysfunction properly. For example, Generic Viagra increases the blood flow to the penis that makes the penis hard.

Generic Viagra is taken once at a time, so if you want to get erected again the next day you might have to take the tablet again and if you are fond of sex taking Generic Viagra too much can lead to some major problems like loss of vision, etc. 


Treating to the root cause 

It is important and better to know about the root cause which is causing erectile dysfunction in order to treat it. Taking medication and exercising regularly can improve your health and reduce symptoms of erectile dysfunction. 


Psychological treatment   

Most men have low self esteem and insecurity as well anxiety about erectile dysfunction. Sometimes erectile dysfunction can happen due to past bad experiences also known as psychological trauma.

This is why, psychological treatments are needed so that they improve security issues and boost up the self esteem, so that you can have a very desirable and happy sexual relationship with your partner. 


Ways to reverse erectile dysfunction

The first and most important part of the process to treat your erectile dysfunction is to go to a Doctor. Erectile dysfunction can be just the start of another huge disease such as diabetes or cardiovascular disease. 

Many people ignore “mental health,” they think there is no such thing as mental health but mental health plays a very essential role in our life. If we are strong mentally we will be strong physically too but if our brain is lazy then so is our body. 

Erectile dysfunction is a physical problem but there is a chance it is due to psychological effects that will make the man more embarrass and will probably give anxiety too which will all lead to problems in getting hard. 


Here are some ways you can reverse erectile dysfunction by yourself or at least try.

  • Lifestyle Changes 

A healthy lifestyle is very important for all of us. Not because it can prevent erectile dysfunction but it can prevent you from any other disease as well. 

  • Do exercise every morning to reduce your stress and maintain your cholesterol level.
  • Exercise to improve your blood flow.
  • Diet is another most important element of a healthy lifestyle, so keep your diet clean to maintain your weight.
  • Pelvic floor exercise 

The pelvic muscles of a man help them to ejaculate well so, working out those muscles can lead to a successful erection. You can also get a doctor to help you with your Pelvic floor physical therapy. 

  • Medication 

Proper medication like Fildena 100 can be a really effective way of treating erectile dysfunction. Medicine has become beyond human’s thinking that treating disease has become very easy for people. So if you are taking the correct drugs with the right quantity you can get an erection. 

  • Surgery 

If the above methods don’t work then surgery is considered the best option. Many doctors recommend surgery to their patients as it is the most effective way and works in 90% of cases. In surgery, a device is implanted to the sides of your penis. This makes the penis bendable and moveable and you can get erected too. This might be sounding very scary and risky but it is not at all risky. 


Final Verdict 

There is no need to be ashamed if you have erectile dysfunction. Before you take any step to treat your erectile dysfunction on your own make sure to consult with a doctor first and then do anything. 

There are a number of medicines are available in the market that can be used to treat erectile dysfunction problem, there are many online pharmacies that offer you to  ED Medicine Online, From Generic Villa Suppliers is among them.

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