Creative and Fun Yoga Poses with an Aerial Yoga Swing

Does the idea of doing yoga with a normal yoga mat and mat roll appeal to you? If so, then you need to learn about aerial yoga! Aerial yoga offers a unique way of getting physical by combining yoga with a fun, interactive training method.

One of the best equipment pieces that you can use with aerial yoga is a swing. Aerial yoga swings offer a great way for beginners to learn about this type of yoga. You’ll only need one or two people to help support the weight of the aerial yoga swing.

Keep reading to learn about some creative and fun yoga poses that you can try out with the aid of an aerial yoga swing!

Monkey Pose

As the name suggests, you take the form of a monkey as you hang from the swing suspended from the ceiling, swinging your legs back and forth. As you do the hanging yoga swing, you can use it to flex.

Extend and balance your body in ways that are usually impossible on the ground. You can stretch your spine and offset the compression caused by daily activities.

Stockbird Pose

This move requires balance and strength and is often used as a transition move. Start by straddling the fabric with your legs spread out and sit down in between the two ropes. Then, reach back and grab onto the handles to lift yourself.

Once airborne, continue to balance yourself by pressing into the fabric and make sure your shoulders are pulled down away from your ears. To get a deeper pose, you can use your arms to help you open up the chest and lift your upper body.

Half Plough

This pose offers many benefits, such as improved core and hip strength, alignment, and balance. The aerial swing helps to assist with any areas of tightness or weakness, allowing the body to achieve the desired posture safely and with confidence.

Wide-Leg Straddle

To begin the wide Leg Straddle, one stands on the swing, feet slightly wider than hip-distance apart while balancing the weight through the feet. Then, one can inhale, and interlace the hands behind the back.

Expand the chest, and stretch the entire body while exhaling. From here, they can further enhance the pose by leaning back, fully extending the arms, and allowing the swing to hold the body in an extended position.

For a creative and fun twist, you can also try aerial pilates which provides both challenge and comfort as the body can move more freely. Find deeper poses, leading to an enjoyable and more effective practice.

One-Legged Queen Pigeon

This pose helps create balance, stretches the hips, and opens the chest to increase mobility and flexibility. As you’re in the pose, use the suspended fabric to help you adjust your body as needed and to get a deeper stretch.

The suspension also offers extra support and guidance to maintain proper form. To perform the One-Legged Queen Pigeon, begin in a low lunge position and then extend your back leg up and out behind you and hold the pose for as long as desired.

Create Fun Yoga Poses With an Aerial Yoga Swing Today

Creative and fun yoga poses with an Aerial Yoga Swing are great for all levels of expertise. They offer a unique way to improve strength, balance, and even relaxation.

If you are ready to elevate your practice, try examining the range of creative and fun poses with an Aerial Yoga Swing now!

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