Why Cycling Will Be a Trend in 2021

It’s hardly possible to underestimate the importance of technologies when it comes to cycling. The emergence of smartwatches and smart glasses alone has offered many more opportunities for those who like bicycles. A single device allows you to track the vitals, use GPS navigation, and even communicate with your friends at the same time. All this while you are on the road.

Bicycle industry trends are also shaped by the evolution of the transport itself. E-bikes are everywhere now. Even the rental services like fancyapple.com offer their clients to enjoy them. While all these have promoted cycling in 2020, let’s find out what cycling trends 2021 will be like.

2021 Bicycle Nation

The hottest cycling trends today rely on a major postulate: convenience! Bicycle manufacturers, as well as other industry players, do their best in order to make cycling comfortable and accessible. That’s why lightweight bikes are getting better and better.

Big brands have been focusing on combining aero bikes, together with lightweight bikes. As a result, the distinction blurred: lightweight models were equipped with aero features, while the aero bikes have been lightened. The trend has resulted in many launches. As a result, cyclists now can enjoy far better bikes that are faster and deliver much better performance at a wider range of yaw angles.

Taking all this into consideration, we can say that the next bike trend is likely to improve other elements of a bicycle so that it becomes even more comfortable to ride. Although it’s still difficult to say what exactly will be improved, the fact that it will is undeniable.

The bicycle industry is likely to evolve. Since more and more people are choosing bicycles as the sustainable means of transportation or a way to spend leisure time, manufacturers are going to deploy even more resources. They are likely to create a whole new bike that will be nothing like what we have today.

Cycling Gadgets for an Even Better Ride

Gadgets make our life easier. This is relevant for every sphere of our life, including cycling. Today, we see many new technologies that spice up cyclists’ ordinary life. For example, a smart bike helmet has a wireless remote control. It features eleven orange LED lamps, 38 red – on the back, ten white – on the front. This contributes to increased visibility on the road, and therefore, ensures better safety. 

Another gadget that enhances safety is a laser-enhanced bicycle light. The device projects a bicycle symbol on the road ahead, which alerts pedestrians and drivers about an approaching bike.

One more device that is likely to become a new bicycle technology 2021 cyclists will like is a SmartHalo. It transforms your bike into a smart bicycle: pair it with the app and let the technologies guide you, track your vitals, and stay on guard of the security (it has an anti-theft alarm). You will even have a personal assistant that will notify you about the texts and phone calls or will check the weather.

How Are All These Relevant?

Do you probably wonder how all these new bikes and gadgets are relevant for the coming year trends? Well, trends shape trends. Therefore, next year we are likely to see further development in these niches. It means that cycling will become even more comfortable. Enhanced comfort, in its turn, is going to drive even more people crazy about having a bike. You are going to find many acquaintances and relatives who will support your interest in urban or mountain bike trends in 2021. By the way, do you like cycling?

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