Are Dental Implants Safe for a Pregnant Woman?

It is true that some of us have some aesthetic issues with our teeth. The dentists have a solution to such dental problems. It is now possible to get perfectly aligned teeth or get a new tooth if lost due to some reason. The dental implant gives a natural-looking teeth and this procedure can be opted by anyone. This article discusses if dental implants are suitable for pregnant women.

The question about pregnant women taking dental implants is important because the body of the women goes through many changes during pregnancy. The pregnancy is a long period and it often happens that a woman feels the need to have a dental implant. Some research has been conducted to answer the question that comes to the mind when we think about dental implants during pregnancy.

Pregnancy and Your Body

The body experiences a variety of physiological adaptations during pregnancy. The hormonal and structural changes during this period are no secret. The change in the body of the pregnant woman can affect the health of the baby. That is why a surgeon must be consulted before undergoing any treatment.

As a matter of fact, the women who are expected need to have higher levels of estrogen. Due to an increased level of estrogen, the woman may come across problems such as tooth decay and bleeding gums. The need for a dental implant may increase if a dental problem becomes significant.

It is true that a dental procedure can be performed during pregnancy but there are some particular times when a dental procedure could be performed. Performing a dental procedure at any time can cause some further problem to the person. The dental treatment may not be a good idea during pregnancy. That is why dentists will recommend waiting until after the delivery of your baby in most cases.

Dental Health During Pregnancy

The women have to have a stable and sound health during this period because eating enough is important for them. If there is a problem with teeth and if they take a dental procedure, the eating schedule can also get disturbed. Proper hygiene can reduce inflammation of the gums, and regular cleanings prevent the buildup of plaque and unwanted bacteria.

The pregnant women often feel depressed and lazy but brushing the teeth twice a day is important to avoid any dental problem. Moreover, using the mouthwash and dental floss is also important for most of us. The acid exposure can be damaging to the teeth if a person is experiencing morning sickness. Rinsing the mouth with baking soda and water is good to be on the safer side.

To maintain optimal dental health, the healthy diet is necessary for the pregnant women. Highly citric foods and the food with low levels of sugar a good for the health. Bacteria feed off of sugar and the acid from foods and drinks can damage tooth enamel over time.

Dental Implant Safety During Pregnancy

If there is a serious need to get dental implants, a pregnant woman can go for it. In most cases, the dentists ask women to wait until the delivery to avoid possible health risks. As a matter of fact, the dental implants require anesthesia and X-rays that are not good for pregnant women. A woman can safely take dental treatments if there is no need for anesthesia and X-rays.

It is true that X-rays are safe for pregnant women but patients must avoid radiation because it can be harmful to the baby. The local anesthesia is also fine for pregnant women and general anesthesia has risks for the pregnant women. Some dentists of the view that some the dental implant can cause undue stress on pregnant women or mothers.

It is always good to wait until the delivery to be on the safer side. If a woman is pregnant and she wants to have the dental implant, she can perform initial study and research during the pregnancy. After the delivery, she will be able to take any surgical and non-surgical procedure. IF you have any further question, please book a consultation with your doctor.

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