6 Foods for A Good Night’s Sleep

In today’s world, insomnia has become so common and people, even if not insomniac, barely have the luxury called time, to sleep peacefully. If not taken seriously, this condition can permanently render you sleepless because of the toll it takes on your body in the form of deadly diseases, some of which have no cure. Some people take sleeping pills, to help the cause but they have no idea the slow poisoning they are dong to their bodies. We suggest you some healthy food alternatives that have the power to give you a peaceful sleep at night without any adverse effects. The best part; they are not processed foods and completely natural.

Oatmeal helps digestion

Oatmeal is very rich in carbs and is a good snack to take before bed. Oatmeal makes you happy; yes, it contains Serotonin that lifts your mood and makes you happy. One other plus side of oatmeal is that it digests slowly so you have a feeling of fullness all night and it helps those especially who gain weight by munching something or the other, when staying up late at night.

Don’t chicken out on the Chickpeas

Do you know a hormone called melatonin is responsible for helping us sleep, if it is not produced in sufficient amount, our body will not be able to sleep, and as a result we will have to rely on artificial sources like sleeping pills that can have serious side effects on our body in the longer run. Chickpeas are rich in vitamin B6, which is responsible to make this hormone in our bodies.

Go Bananas!

Bananas are the God’s of sleep. They have been used as sleep inducers for only God knows how many years. Bananas are rich in both Serotonin and Melatonin so you can “Happily Fall Asleep”. This handy and delicious fruit is also a known muscle relaxant so it soothes and calms your muscles down so you can peacefully sleep and rest.

No ifs and buts, only Nuts!

Seeds and nuts are loaded with omega 3 and a bundle of other nutrients that benefit your body one way or the other. Nuts are rich in antioxidants and also known to elevate your mood and make you happy due to the presence of omega 3. These fatty acids also ensure a healthy heart.

Drink Warm Milk with Honey

Milk and Honey is like a comfort drink for people of age, let it be kids or adults, all fancy a warm cup of milk with honey or chocolate. This drink is packed with calcium and honey is like a natural healer. This drink is like a cup of natural sleeping pill with added calming and healing properties.

One Potato Two Potato

Fry, bake, grill, steam, boil or mash, there is one vegetable which, if goes rare will definitely stir world war III. Potatoes are naturally rich in a sleep inducing hormone called Tryptophan. Also potatoes are world famous comfort foods so they are a good option too but be mindful to avoid fried potatoes right before bed time due to the risk of acidity and indigestion.