6 Foods That Will Cost You Your Life

Some foods are like Snow White’s apple, appetizing and appealing to the eye. But as you eat them, you do not realize what they have in store for your body. Most of you are aware of the healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables but do you have any clue about the items you consume regularly yet do not realize that they are harming your body on a massive scale!

Well, we’ll let you know what these foods are:


People think that they are making a smart choice as they buy foods which are categorized “low fat”. But in reality these foods contain many unhealthy chemicals to remove the fat content, that harm the body way more than regular food. These chemicals are toxicand can cause serious damage to your body in shape of various diseases.


Margarine is preferred over butter as it does not have cholesterol in it but what it has in it is “trans-fat” and that too in high quantity! The consumption of which can increase your bad cholesterol levels(LDL) and reduce your good cholesterol levels (HDL), as well as damage your blood vessels.


People consider fruit juice to be healthy but unfortunately these juices are a time ticking bomb for diseases as they have preservatives, a very high content of sugar and a very small quantity of real fruit. All of this means that your body is not getting the essential nutrients that it requires from fruits instead all you’re doing to your body is loading it with sugar.

This leads to many diseases including diabetes. So eating whole fruit would be a healthier choice.


Nowadays the usage of processed meat is being condemned by almost every dietician and doctor as it has been observed that they are causing many health related problems.

Processed meat is loaded with salt, fat, sugar and other chemicals which can cause diabetes, obesity, heart problems, colon cancer etc.

It is preferable to use the meat with lean cuts that you have bought yourself rather than the processed one.


It is a common misconception that energy bars are low in carb and so people usually eat them when on diet. But unfortunately these snacks are not very healthy because even though they are rich in proteins, they have high content of sugar and fat in them. You should definitely read the nutrition information on the packs of these bars and then think about consuming them. You might as well gain more weight rather than shedding it. Eating natural organic foods in the appropriate quantity is far better than reaching for these.


Why do you consume frozen foods? Obviously because they are very convenient and you do not have to go through the hassle of cooking. But even though they provide ease to you, they also harm your body.

These foods are high in sodium, preservatives and are processed to a great extent which means that your body has to put in a lot of effort in digesting them.