The End of Male Infertility is Here: Best Ways Males Can Improve their Fertility

If you are facing issues regarding your fertility, then don’t feel alone, as it’s pretty common nowadays.

Infertility affects around one of every six couples, and further research estimated that around one in every three cases, it’s due to infertility in males only.

Infertility can’t always be entirely treatable. However, there are a few ways by which you can enhance your fertility.

Sometimes, fertility can be improved with supplements, healthy diet plans, and various other healthy lifestyle strategies.

The following article will show you the best ways to improve your fertility and increase your chances of conceiving.

Therefore, read on to get a better picture.

What’s Male Infertility and How is it Connected to Sexual Function?

Fertility means the ability to reproduce without any medical assistance.

It can be said that male infertility is when a male partner is incapable of making his female partner pregnant. In most cases, it depends on the quality of the sperm cells.

Often, infertility is connected to sexual function, and other times it’s related to semen quality. Below are some of the examples of infertility:

  • It’s also known as “sex drive,” libido states the desire of a person to have sex. The supplements and foods that increase libido are known as “aphrodisiacs.”
  • Erectile dysfunction. It’s also known as impotence. Erectile dysfunction is a condition where a man is incapable of maintaining or developing an erection.
  • Sperm motility. It’s a crucial function of healthy sperms to have the ability to swim effortlessly. This sperm motility can be measured as the percentage or amount of moving sperm cells in a particular sample of sperm.
  • Sperm count. One of the critical aspects of semen quality is the concentration of sperm cells in a particular sample.
  • Testosterone levels. Low levels of testosterone might also be one of the significant reasons for male infertility.

These are some examples of male infertility. However, there are even chances that male infertility might be affected due to genetic causes of mutations.

Best Scientific Ways to Enhance Male Fertility

In this section, you’ll know about some of the proven scientific methods of enhancing your fertility.

However, do keep in mind, there are chances your infertility might not be entirely cured. These methods will boost your fertility but not completely fix it.

So, you need to follow these methods regularly for better results.

1.   Stay Active and Exercise

This is good for your health and can even help you boost and improve your testosterone and fertility.

Several studies have shown that men who regularly exercise tend to have better semen quality and enhanced testosterone levels than those who are pretty inactive.

However, you also need to keep in mind that you don’t overdo it as too much exercise can also have a reverse effect. It can also reduce the levels of testosterone. In such cases, intaking the right amount of zinc can reduce this risk by a lot.

In short, to achieve proper improvement in your fertility and to boost your testosterone, regular exercise should be at the top of your priority list.

2. Intake Sufficient Vitamin C

You might have already heard that Vitamin C can boost your immune system.

However, there is evidence that taking such antioxidant supplements as vitamin C can also improve your fertility.

When your body’s antioxidant defenses start to weaken due to various factors like old age, unhealthy lifestyle, diseases, or even environmental pollutants.

Reactive oxygen species (ROS) are always being produced in your body, and the levels of this ROS also need to be kept in check as high levels can promote inflammation and tissue injury. Moreover, this can also lead to male infertility.

Therefore, intaking sufficient antioxidants like vitamin C might help to counter some of these adverse effects. There is even evidence that vitamin C can also improve sperm quality.

However, more research is still being conducted to understand more about the relationship between vitamin C and infertility.

3. Light Therapy

Light therapy, also known as photobiomodulation, involves using non-visible near-infrared and visible red light for the betterment of your sperm health.

According to research on red light therapy, light therapy will help to improve your sperm quality in many ways. Research has shown that consistent use of light therapy can increase the speed or motility of your sperm cells.

This ensures that the sperm cells can swim and reach the female eggs and can fertilize them.

Moreover, light therapy can also increase the sperm count and make it more concentrated.

However, it’s essential to keep in mind that you don’t get too exposed to the heat of this therapy as it can have a negative effect on your fertility.

At an average body temperature of 37 degrees celsius, the sperm can’t be produced. So, it’s essential to have a look at the temperature while going through this therapy.

You can always seek the assistance of a professional doctor before taking this therapy as they can suggest the best kind of treatment.

4. Minimize Your Stress and Stay Relaxed

It can be a challenge to get the sexual drives or urges, especially when under a lot of stress.

Stress can also reduce fertility and the satisfaction of having sex. Researchers even believe that the cortisol hormone is partly responsible for infertility as well.

Too much stress can increase cortisol levels, which can negatively affect your testosterone levels.

When your cortisol level rises, your testosterone level decreases. So, to prevent this from happening, you have to reduce and minimize your stress and try to stay relaxed.

Some various medications and techniques can help you to control your stress and anxiety. You can also consult with an expert to assist you with your anxiety and stress.

Bottom Line

Infertility is pretty common among men worldwide. So even if you think you are facing such issues, make sure that you start improving your lifestyle and health.

The ways mentioned above can surely help you improve your fertility and keep your testosterone levels high. Yet, do consult with your doctor for advanced treatment if necessary.

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