How to Start Lifting Weights

We’re living in an age where more people are mindful of their health and fitness. There’s evidence of it, as almost 50% of people in the US go to the gym twice a week. If you’re interested in becoming a part of the growing majority who are getting fit, you need to learn how to start lifting weights.

If you want to lift weight and build muscle, then we’re here to help. Read on to learn everything you need about building muscle and getting on a weight lifting program.

Get the Right Equipment

If you aren’t planning to make use of a gym, then the first thing you need to do is get the equipment you need. If you’re planning on taking weightlifting seriously, you’ll want to invest in a bar and some plates, but it’s not the only way to go.

Dumbbells are a fantastic starting point if you’re at the beginning of your weight lifting journey and are inexpensive. Consider consulting with an expert before you begin to ensure you’re getting the right gear.

Essential Tips for First-Time Lifters

If there are two tips we can give to a beginner before they start lifting weights, it’s these.

First, don’t start with an absurd amount of weight. You might think it’s a good idea to buy heavier weights from the get-go and adjust as you go. All you’ll do if you try this is give yourself a potential injury, so don’t do it.

Buy something that you think is reasonable, and don’t overestimate yourself.
Secondly, remember the importance of warming up. Starting “cold” with a weight-based exercise is a great way to put yourself out of commission for a few weeks because you’ve torn or pulled something.

How to Start Lifting Weights with the Right Exercises

The exercise you do will vary based on what kind of weights you buy. With something like a bar, you’ve got the option of the classic deadlift and overhead press, but they can be pretty tricky and advanced when it comes to technique.

We suggested dumbbells because you can employ a fantastic range of motion, with very little chance of doing yourself serious harm from poor technique. The same applies to kettlebells, which have a variety of whole-body workouts you can do.

However, you must do thorough research on technique if you are handling heavy weights. If you’re planning to pursue this path, expert help goes a long way. A personal trainer found here could help you out.

Strive for Perfection in Your Body

It might feel like you’re at the first step of an arduous journey when you first learn how to start lifting weights, but don’t worry. Everyone has to start somewhere, but remember that you’ll get to enjoy the most gains at the beginning of a muscle building program, so enjoy it!

Of course, weight lifting and building muscle isn’t the only thing that makes you have a healthier life. There’s a lot more that goes into keeping your body healthy, a topic we cover with regularity here on the blog, so keep reading!

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