4 Major Reasons Why Eating Pasta is a Big No!

How can someone possible deny pasta! It’s a food that goes with all kinds of meat and almost all types of sauces. Be it a tangy sauce or white sauce, a pasta always feels good to the tummy. Top it up with cheese and God it feels heavenly!

Pasta is such a common dish that some people eat it on a regular basis. Unfortunately, such people are consuming such high quantity of carbs and fat, that it can be harmful for their body. Read on to learn more hazardous facts about eating pasta.

1. High Carbs and Low Energy

This food has little or almost negligible amount of nutrition to offer to your body. It contains around 42g of carbs, 7.8g of proteins, 2.4g of fiber and 0% of vitamins. The more stuff you add to your pasta, the more the carb content rises. Although it is hard to resist, but you should try keeping it out of your diet in order to maintain that toned body as well as control blood sugar levels.

2. It is loaded with calories

Eating even a minimal quantity of pasta that is rich in cheese, sauces and meat can provide you with a lot of calories. Especially dishes like Fettuccine Alfredo or Lasagna have a large amount of pasta in them. So instead of having such dishes, you can go for spaghetti squash or you could replace the pasta in lasagna with eggplant. Eating pasta once in a while is not harmful for your health but if you have an empty stomach and are very hungry, it’s best that you go for grilled meat that is served with vegetables. That will satisfy your hunger, your taste buds, as well as provide your body with nutrition.

3. It increases blood sugar levels

Eating pasta with tomato sauce means consuming carbohydrates solely. There are no proteins or vitamins that would help smooth down the digestion process, due to which the body converts these carbohydrates into glucose instantly.

This high inflow of glucose results in the production of an equally high amount of insulin. When this process takes place continuously, it results in a lower blood pressure, which also signals for more nutrients for the body.
If such conversion takes place in your body regularly, you become insulin resistant. This results in feeling hungry right after you have had a meal. Meaning you eat more and more and that finally results in making you obese.

4. It can cause allergy

Pasta can cause allergy to people who are sensitive to consuming gluten. Anaphylaxis is a form of serious allergic reaction that can also cause death on spot. But apart from that, the allergy can have painful effects such as fatigue, mouth ulcer, feeling bloated, going into depression, tongue swelling, low blood pressure, itchy rash and shortness of breath.

It is preferable to remove pasta from your regular diet. Instead eating it once a while would be more suitable for your health. Try substituting it with much more nutritious, something that is not only carbs.