3 Main Reasons Why are French Fries Bad for You

French fries may be extremely delicious and hard to resist but they have got an extremely bad rap where your health is concerned. There are several very solid reasons behind this reputation. Eating fries every day can lead to severe health issues and obesity. Read on to find out why French fries are so unhealthy for you and your family, especially your kids.

How French Fries are Bad for You?

All the fried food items are really scrumptious, especially the French fries are simply irresistible but what you fail to realize is that eating chips every day can destroy your health and lead to diseases like cancer, heart conditions, and diabetes. Consumption of good fats like olive oil and sunflower oil has positive effects on your health. Whereas, fat in French fries, known as saturated fat is linked to clogged arteries and other health issues like raised levels of bad cholesterol and the low density of lipoprotein. The circulating blood triglycerides that lower the good cholesterol or high density lipoprotein are also raised due to saturated fats.

If you think frying on your own makes homemade French fries healthy, you are mistaken. The saturated fats or bad fats are still present and the produce platelets in your blood streams. These sticky platelets results in clots that create a hindrance in the supply of oxygen and nutrition within your body that can result in a heart attack or a stroke. To avoid this, you must curb your craving for fries.

Carbohydrates Make French Fries Unhealthy

Eating potato in boiled, bake or grilled form is not really harmful but frying makes it injurious for health. Potatoes are high in starch and simple carbohydrates that are a major cause of obesity and diabetes and other similar conditions. Especially the white potatoes convert to sugar very quickly. Carbohydrates provide instant energy if followed by an intense workout. If such carbs are not used up instantly, they can settle in your body causing weight gain. Carbs can also convert in sugar causing diabetes. Even children should avoid simple carbs which are hard to burn. Keeping these reasons in mind, you can judge how bad are French fries for you and your loved ones.

Trans Fat in Fries Damages Health

French fries are loaded with trans fats or damaged fats that act as carcinogens that cause numerous cancers, raise the blood sugar and may even cause stroke. Another substance that confirms why are French fries unhealthy is the high levels of high levels of acrylamide, which is being claimed to cause cancer. Although, it has not been confirmed yet, there are sufficient reasons to stay away from this wicked food. If you want to ensure that your family especially your young kids stay fit and healthy, French fries are something that should be forbidden in their diets.