Supplements for Athletes: Why L-Glutamine Should Be in Your Training Stack

There’s no doubt that the right supplements for athletes and fitness enthusiasts can elevate your training game, and L-glutamine is definitely one of them. An essential amino acid, your body uses L-glutamine more than any other amino acid, especially while training. That’s why it’s important to replenish your body with L-glutamine from natural foods and high-quality, reliable supplements.

You probably already know that protein is essential for building up muscle mass and strength, and since amino acids like L-glutamine are the building blocks of protein, you’ll want to make getting your daily dose of L-glutamine a priority.

Here’s a little bit of additional information about this powerful amino acid and how it can help you run a stronger training game and elevate peak athletic performance:

L-Glutamine Supports Immune Function

When was the last time you had to press pause on your workout goals because you weren’t feeling your best? Sickness can happen to the best of us, especially athletes, and even if you do feel like working out when you’re under the weather, doing so means depriving your body of resources that it needs to get you back to optimal health.

Though no supplement can fully protect you from getting sick ever again, L-Glutamine CAN help to lower your chances by supporting immune system help. Immune cells use L-glutamine for fuel. When you’re training hard and using up your body’s protein stores, your body may release more L-Glutamine, which gives your immune cells less fuel to go around. As a result, when sufficient L-glutamine levels aren’t available, your immune system could become compromised.

L-Glutamine Improves Muscle Gains, Function, and Recovery

As an athlete, you’re no stranger to training hard and pushing the boundaries of what you thought you could do. However, you’re not Superman, and even your muscles need time to recover. In fact, allowing your muscles to recover from an intense workout before hitting the gym again can actually help you reach your goals faster.

To help with muscle recovery, L-glutamine is one of the most common supplements for athletes. There’s research to support that L-glutamine helps to decrease muscle soreness after workouts and improve the speed of muscle recovery.

Other research suggests that replenishing your body with L-glutamine can help you feel less tired after a workout. In fact, working out for just one hour can reduce your body’s glutamine by up to 40%. Keep a bottle in your gym bag and remember to take it after your cooldown.

L-Glutamine Helps Prevent Fatigue

Last but certainly not least, L-glutamine is a powerhouse when it comes to helping you maintain your rhythm. It increases your cell volume and muscle hydration to help you work out longer and not feel as fatigued.

Final Thoughts on L-Glutamine Supplements for Athletes

Truth be told, L-glutamine is found in a variety of foods you probably already include in your diet: eggs, beef, rice, nuts, beans, and milk, to name a few. Still, if you’re training hard, it’s a good idea to take an L-glutamine supplement and have one less thing standing in the way of your training and fitness goals. Here’s to your health and success! Take care.

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