5 Tips for Dealing with Fibroids

Sometimes you might experience chronic pain, too much blood flow, and discomfort during your period. Most women might not tell their gynecologist about the normal menstruation symptoms and end up struggling with fibroids Garden City. Fibroids are non-cancerous cysts that grow on the uterus and may obstruct implantation after ovulation. The fibroids will cause pain during your periods and result in excessive bleeding. Additionally, the cysts will continue growing and may lead to other health complications. You might cut off the blood supply to the fibroids and opt for surgery to remove the fibroids completely. However, these home remedies might prevent fibroids from developing.

Reduce Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol consumption contributes to the growth of fibroids, and women addicted to the drug develop fibroids more than those who don’t drink. The alcohol might increase the hormone levels needed to grow fibroids, triggering inflammation. The cysts are predisposed to inflammation leading to pain. Therefore, you should reduce the glasses of alcohol you consume to reduce the risk of developing fibroids. Sometimes, you need behavior therapy to guide you on tips to avoid the drug.

Balance the Estrogen

Fibroids are associated with a high level of estrogen in your system. However, estrogen is associated with fertility and femininity, but you should keep the hormone at the required level. The first treatment technique for fibroids involves reducing estrogen and encouraging an individual to adopt the right lifestyle to deal with high estrogen levels. You can deal with obesity to eliminate fibroids, as excessive weight is associated with high estrogen levels. Fat cells make more estrogen, and eliminating excessive fats will lower the estrogen level. Additionally, you may avoid hormone-disrupting chemicals such as pesticides and fertilizers or certain beauty ingredients.

Lower the Blood Pressure

Although there may be gaps in the links between high blood pressure and fibroids, most women who suffer from fibroids are likely to have high blood pressure. Therefore, you should lower blood pressure to manage fibroids effectively. For instance, you would reduce added salt, check the blood pressure frequently, lose weight, limit alcohol, and increase potassium to curb high blood pressure.

Take Vitamin D Supplements

Some doctors will recommend vitamin D supplements to deal with recurrent fibroids as they reduce the occurrence of fibroids. Thus, you would bask in the sun as the skin will synthesize this vitamin which is key when dealing with fibroids. Additionally, you can incorporate food like egg yolks, fortified milk, cereals, and fish to increase your vitamin D intake.

Seek Minimally Invasive Surgical Procedures

Surgery might be an ideal option for dealing with fibroids permanently. First, you can opt for the minimally invasive surgical procedure, which cuts the blood supply to the small cysts. The open and invasive surgery removes the whole cysts and uterus, which would be ideal for life-threatening fibroids.

Fibroids might cause extreme pain and bleeding during your periods, but you should adopt home remedies to deal with the existing cysts or avoid them in the future. First, you may need to lower the estrogen level as estrogen contributes to the development of these cysts. You would deal with obesity and avoid hormone-altering chemicals as they are associated with high estrogen levels. Then opt for lifestyle changes that reduce high blood pressure, as women likely to have high blood pressure are predisposed to fibroids. Finally, opt for minimally invasive surgery for the small cysts and invasive procedures for large fibroids.

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