Tips to Continue a Healthy Eating Habit

Do you ever face this dilemma on a family outing, when you are on a healthy diet and your family orders those greasy fries, that lasagna oozing with cheese, that steak that’s cooked to tenderness, the melt in the mouth malt cake and oh everything that makes your mouth water and your body fatter? Well good news, you’re not alone. But we can help you fight this battle between meat and salad, here’s how.

Find out New Exciting Foods & Flavors

One of the best approaches to staying motivated to eat a healthy diet is finding and exploring new recipes, flavors and foods. Experiment with quinoa, brown rice and pasta. Try new spices and combinations. Look at low calories vegetables and low carbs and make exciting new recipes. There are so many websites that tell you exciting new recipes that are low in calories as well as exploding with new flavors.

Join Fitness Groups & Follow Fitness Pages on Facebook

Social Media is one wealth of information. You can join fitness groups and like pages where people from all around the world, share their weight loss journeys and also healthy recipes that they use in everyday life which are easy and low calorie. These pages also feature many videos that you can use as guide for cooking as well as mini exercises that you can easily squeeze in your busy routine.

Download Calories Counting Applications

There are so many calories counting applications available for phones and tablets on the app store for both iPhones and androids. These applications help you device a diet plan. You can easily check how many calories you have to consume, calculating your Body Mass Index (BMI). You can add up any food that you consume in a given day and find out how many calories you have consumed and how many still remain. This way you can balance and manage your calorie intake and still manage to eat healthy and yummy.

Don’t stick to “One” diet plan

This is the most common mistake people make. They stick to one diet plan and then easily get bored and quit it as soon as they began. Vary you diet every day or at least every 3 days. Try new food items; don’t stick to solely protein diet or only fruit and vegetables. Do a mix and match diet. Have fruits one day, have a protein diet the other day and so on

Maintain Progress of Your Weight loss

As mentioned earlier, download fitness apps and keep track of your weight loss journey and diet. When you start losing weight and inches, and you keep record of it, you feel more motivated to lose weight and eat healthy looking at the reduced pounds and inches.

Take Full length pictures of yourself in front of a mirror

According to a recent study, people who regularly take full pictures of themselves, during a diet and exercise routine, tend to lose more weight as they maintain a picture log of their weight loss progress and journey. Looking at picture evidence, they get more and more motivated to lose weight and get toned.