Tips To Run In Cold Weather

As they say, “it’s only cold if you are standing still,” so do not try to ditch running but make it a part of your routine to make up to your fitness goals in winters too. It is very difficult to maintain fitness routine and to run in the cold weather, as you are wearing double, triple layers of clothes, men’s tights and still freezing from the cold. But for some running, it is not just entertainment but compulsory and has to do to maintain their health and lifestyle. If you are a summer runner and finding ways to get through cold winds, then you should try out these simple tips and tactics. They will not only be useful in making you run but also help in coping with the harsh season.

No doubt even getting up from your bed in freezing -40 is nowhere less than a heroic action. But life goes on and does not care if today is -40 and the other day is 50. If you are eager to run, then it should not be. 



Going out in winters and getting out of your comfort is the most difficult thing to do. It needs a lot of motivation and courage to do so. So how about tricking yourself into it. Arrange some meeting at the end of the running, set friends to get together at a place where you can go by running or walking, give yourself a delicious coffee treat, in the end, serve yourself with hot delight as winter running exercise is more about making yourself active rather weight loss. Getting some incentive, in the end, does great work in making yourself getting out of the comfort of the home. If you know you will end up meeting your best friend in the end, then you will most likely get up instead if you are only going for a run. If you are planning to make it a habit but still not able to find the courage to go out then try to find any nearby ground with good flooring or any covered place, so you do not get snow dust in your way.


Sit around all day in your office chair, working for long hours, only getting up if you need to eat or drink anything, lacking all the excitement and fun in your life and getting fat day by day. Then you are the person who needs to shed off cold dust of yourself and bring in the new life in yourself by simply changing your routine a little bit. There is no doubt that in summers one feels more active, doing daily jobs seems a lot easier, and running is fun. But putting a hold on everything during winters is not a solution. Therefore, you must try going on with your routine by simply making yourself compelled that it is not only good for your health but necessary to survive this freezing temperature. Otherwise, you may lose all your grip on your life. Run, run and run to shed weight, to remain fit, to feel healthy, and lastly to feel alive. You can keep yourself motivated simply by downloading apps for running. These kinds of apps keep your record and remind you of your routine task, count your steps, speed and calorie burn.


Your winter running can become a lot easier if you choose to wear the right sets of clothes. Wearing double triple layers of clothes can make running more tiring. Here is a hot tip to keep yourself warm in chilling weather. Fleece jackets, fur, mittens, beanies, sweater, wool socks, trench coats, cardigans, jackets, long coats are the main options for winters. But how you wear them and with what combination adds a huge difference. For example, if you are wearing a jacket and combining it with a wool sweater, then make sure to wear an airproof nylon vest underneath that cannot let the air pass through.

Apply the same rule with the jeans and trousers, try to wear some skinny leggings under jeans. So, in this way, you will not only deal with the wind but also looking presentable instead of being a pile of clothes. Research the fabric and try to choose and combine them according to their texture and material.


Have you noticed that in winter, muscles used to get cramps more than often? Especially in feet, and walking and running become extra hard. If you are a walking lover, then you surely have experienced the sudden pain raising just under the foot surface. No matter whether you have flat feet or not. However, you can solve this problem and carry on with your running routine. The first thing is to choose the right pair of shoes. The right pair of shoes are those who have more broad sole and material should be leather. Best long-running shoes are Brooks Ghost 12, Asics Gel Nimbus 22, Nike Zoom Pegasus 36 and Nike Winflo 6. These shoes are the best option because they have the most comfortable soles that fit right into your feet and make your run an easy ride.


Gathering some stamina beforehand is a must. Otherwise, you will not be able to make a long run. Do some lunges, squats, and pushups before going for a run. Stretching can also be very useful. In this way, your body will gather all the energy and muscles to get prepared. It will smoothen your run and increase the running time. Going for a run without warming up can cause an ache in your body and tighten up the muscles. So, it is essential to break and torn muscles apart before starting a running routine


Set and decide the pace and speed which you want to carry your whole run. Moreover, set a particular distance that you need to cover such as start your running with 2 kilometres daily in 1 hour. Start increasing the distance and decreasing time duration day by day or week by week. In this way, you will not only be able to gain stamina and strength but is also an easy process to make yourself stick with an activity.


In winter, make sure to take warm food that includes meat, beef, lamb, mutton and hot drinks like coffee, hot chocolate, and tea. Food is the only way to get energy; the more energy you have, the less you will feel cold while running. Running is a fun activity, especially in winter if done in the right way. Try to be fully equipped before going for a run so you can enjoy this great exercise and have fun!

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