Top Habits For Better Sleep

Nothing is going to upset your sleeping schedule quite like hopping onto an airplane and going to a new place in a different time zone. This can cause a major disruption in your sleep schedule.


A lot of people have an optimal time in which they should be looking to sleep. For most, this ranges anywhere from 10 to 11 pm. This is generally when you want to be asleep by to get the most restful sleep. This window of time till around 7 am is known as your “circadian window.” It is best if you are a frequent traveller to ensure that you get the best sleep you can at home. Invest in a quality mattress and always read plenty of reviews, you will want to know both sides and read both positive reviews and recent Octaspring complaints.


No matter if you are traveling for work or you are going on vacation, here are some of the best tips that you can use to ensure your sleep isn’t too disrupted.


Sleep Strategically


One thing you should be doing is sleeping strategically. Before heading out on your trip, you’ll want to move your bedtime to align with the place you’re visiting. This can help to ensure that you prime your body to get positioned for sleep at the new location. This can keep your body from having to make sudden adjustments as you will optimize your sleep schedule gradually. This can all but eliminate the normal ‘jet lag‘ you might otherwise experience.


Go With The Flow


Once you land, you’ll want to try to sync up with the local schedule. This means if you are landing during the day, you should be catching your Z’s while on the plane. If you will be landing at night, try to keep yourself awake while flying so you can sleep when you arrive.


Stick To The 2-Day Rule


If you are going to be staying in a location for over 2 days, you’ll want to try to stick to your schedule. That way, you don’t have to completely wreck your body’s internal clock just for your 2-day stay.

Let There Be Light


If you are going on a flight that is going to be touching down in the morning, you’ll want to bring some sunglasses to avoid harmful UV-rays exposure. However, you do want to ensure you are getting frequent exposure to sunlight throughout the early portion of the day. This can help your body adjust and wake up.


The idea is to get your body recalibrated. If you are going to be traveling West, you’ll want to try to get exposure to light in the evening.

Get Moving


You want to start to get moving as soon as possible throughout the day. Try to incorporate a warm shower into your early morning routine and head outside to exercise. This can help to get your body moving and increase your core temperature which can align your internal clock better.

Take Melatonin


If you aren’t finding it easy to fall asleep, it may be time to add melatonin to your mix. Melatonin is a natural sleep hormone that is produced in your body. However, some people don’t produce enough of it. If you are traveling, you can take melatonin to give your body more production to get yourself sleepy that first night.

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