Top Home Remedies For Cradle Cap

The condition of infants with cradle cap often makes the mother feel uncomfortable, but the plaque itself does not seriously affect the life of the baby. However, if not adequately cleaned and tended to cause inflammation is not good for the baby.

Cradle cap origin is white like dandruff, usually soft, but if it turns brown long, black cradle cap will harden and form large plates. The area of “cradle cap” is hair loss and the child may cry.

If the cradle cap makes into a thin layer is a normal physiological phenomenon, parents are not too worried. But there are cases where the “cradle cap” in the thickening of the cause the baby itching to scratch his head often. The situation can cause complications of bacterial infection, pimples on the scalp. However, parents should not be so worried because there are so many home remedies for cradle cap that they can apply quickly.

First, you can use active tea to treat cradle cap for children. Tea is one of the best choices in home remedies for cradle cap. Mothers can cook green tea or make tea very thick, use cotton absorbent tea on the scalp with “cradle cap” or a towel bucket clean, absorbent tea and always on top of the baby. So her baby’s scalp will gradually clean, but she noted during this limited shampoo for children with shampoo is more effective.

Besides, we can treat cradle cap for baby with almond oil. Almond oil has many good uses for skin and hair, including a newborn. If you have almond oil available, use cotton gauze on your scalp twice a day, when washing your hair, you will see cradle cap flushed out after a few times.

The popular third one in home remedies for cradle cap is baking soda. Baking soda or baking powder is also used to treat newborn infants. The method is straightforward: Mix 1-2 tablespoons of baking soda with a little water to form a paste mixture, then apply to the affected area. Leave for a few minutes and then use a soft brush to massage your baby’s scalp. Then, she helped her baby wash with clean water.

When the baby has got cradle cap, you should remember immediately lemon, which is an available raw material available in the house. You can add some lemon juice to your baby’s scalp. (Note that too much lemon juice will damage the scalp.) After applying, wait for 10-15 minutes to wash the baby, when the washing mother uses a soft towel, soft massage, cradle cap will gradually detach, do not need to rub hands or comb to scratch. Lemon can also clean the baby’s scalp. However, mom should note, do not apply too much lemon juice to avoid damaging the baby’s skin.

Coconut oil is also considered one of the useful home remedies for cradle cap. Mom applies some coconut oil to the hair roots with a plaque and leave for 3-5 minutes, then use a soft brush to massage lightly on the skin and then wash your baby gently with shampoo for the newborn. Next, she needs to rinse with water and soak her head with a soft towel.

Use of vaseline helps to treat the baby efficiently. The cream is extremely simple, and she just put the vaseline on her scalp, where there is cradle cap and leaves about 2 hours; Then use your hand to lightly rub the baby’s head (mama note rub it, do not rely on or use a comb to damage the scalp). Do this for about three days that your scalp will be clean.

Another simple way you can apply to treat cradle cap is to massage the baby’s head. Mothers can use light fingers on the baby’s scalp and then remove the scales sticking out. The action is the simplest way to handle baby cradle cap. Note, with baby’s scalp; the mother should use hand and do not use hand tools such as tweezers because it can hurt the baby.

Another way is to use an unused toothbrush, a very soft feather, a light brush on the cradle cap skin and then pull out the plaque on the baby’s head.

Mothers should use low shampoo for children. If the plaque sticking on the baby’s head on a light level will quickly, but the oppressive mother to patients for a few days. When shampooing, the mother should be very gentle, avoiding rake healthy can make the scalp baby close to it will turn into pimples, impetigo, boils

Specialists advise you not to use your hands to pry your baby’s toes, as it will hurt your baby’s skin. You should remember not to cover my head too tight with thick hats when I was at home. If you go out in the cold, use a cotton pad that has excellent absorbency to keep your baby warm to prevent wetness when your child is sweating.

Here are the simple and effective home remedies for cradle cap. Hope the mothers will apply successfully.

Take the baby to the hospital if the mother found that the cradle cap has the following phenomena: Scalp thick and spread on the scalp, baby face, blistered area, the scaly area has a strange smell.