Watch out for these new types of STDs that are on the rise

With every passing day new and unfamiliar diseases and infections are developing in the world. These are more powerful and strong; thus very difficult to control and eradicate. Many people are unaware of them and especially the STDs which don’t show any apparent symptoms. But these can be found out by having Online STD Screening that helps to determine the cause and origin of these diseases.

How to Prevent STDs from Spreading?

Whether the STDs are new or old; there are several ways by which you can prevent the spreading of the sexually transmitted diseases. This will assist you to take control of the diseases like a fighter. These preventions are like weapons that a warrior has to fight against enemies. The enemies, in this case, are the STDs and the warrior is the person.

Online STD Screening:

You can do the very first thing is to get screening for different STDs through online consultant or clinic. You will be asked several questions for which you have to be truthful and answer without hesitation. This will aid the medical facilities to determine which tests to conduct.

Avoiding Sex:

The safest way to avoid the diseases is not to have sex or any other activity of that sort ever. Avoidance is the best prevention according to some scientists. In this way, you will not be at any risk of developing STDs.

Having Vaccinations:

Just like other diseases and infections; the risks of STDs are also been decreased with the help of vaccinations. Vaccines for Hepatitis B and C and HPV have now been developed to safeguard the people from these dangerous diseases.

Agree to one Partner:

Researchers have noticed that people who indulge in sex with multiple partners are at the highest risk of having these ailments. It is best that either you only have one partner or restrict yourself to at least two persons.

Using Condoms:

There are condoms made from different materials that you can use. The most effective one is which is made of latex. It is more durable and long-lasting but a problem with them is that many people are allergic to latex. For them, ordinary condoms must be used. The breakage rate is very high for these types.

Educating the People

Organizations and clinics around the world like Healthck are trying their best to educate people on the problems and complications that are created when they don’t take care of themselves. Different seminars, awareness walks and written material are distributed to create awareness amongst the general public.

Watch for these New STDs

Here are four STDs caused by bacteria that have been discovered which is affecting the health of the public and they don’t know about them.

Neisseria Meningitidis

It is a very deadly bacterium that seriously affects the spinal cord and the brain like in normal meningitis. It has been estimated that almost 10% of the male and female have this disease. This can be transferred to other people through oral sex, coughing, kissing and sneezing. The symptoms that indicate this type of meningitis are fever, fatigue headaches; which can lead to stiffness of the neck and even result in death. The bacterium is present in the nose and throat area and can be the cause of arthritis in men. This disease is further categorized into five kinds; for two types of the vaccine has been developed that can be effective for the other three.

Mycoplasma Genitalium

Although it was discovered in the 1980s today many people are infected by it. It is considered as one of the smallest bacteria but is creating a worrisome attitude in young adults and adolescences. It is the reason why women are having inflammations that are affecting the reproductive system. The symptoms are sometimes confused with Gonorrhea or Chlamydia. If the woman is suffering from a miscarriage, premature birth, stillbirth and infertility then it is a clear sign that she has Mycoplasma Genitalium.

Shigella Flexneri

The first case of Shigella Flexneri was recorded in the 1970s in bisexual and gay men. But now it has been the major reason for STDs outbreak all over the world. When people are not careful and are around human faeces then they are likely to get infected. The obvious signs of it are cramps in the stomach with excretion of blood. This is generally the disease occurring in children where hygiene is not proper but people having oral sex are also affected.

Lymphogranuloma Venereum (LGV)

It is an infection that infects the lymphatic system of the body. It purely spreads through unprotected sex. Men are the most vulnerable to the Lymphogranuloma Venereum (LGV) and can lead to HIV. Temporarily ulcer, pimples and blisters are visible on the genital area; which can ultimately rectal infection. The best thing to do is to use condoms during any type of sexual activity. The doctors can diagnose it through Online STD Screening. If it is not cured with antibiotics on time then it can spread to the heart, liver and even the brain; so one must be very careful when thinking of any type of sex.

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