PrEP-Your Ultimate Protection towards HIV

Pre-exposure prophylaxis, known as PrEP, is most effective against HIV only when taken by HIV-negative people. It is not to keep them safe for the present but to protect them from catching HIV in the future too.

If taken correctly, it can reduce the chance of catching HIV to almost zero. However, it won’t protect you from other sexually transmitted diseases. Amazing right? You can now order this magic pill from Free PrEP Online and get your Free PrEP at your doorstep.

Are you already tired of having a pill for the rest of your life? Worry not; you only need to take PrEP medication when you are at risk. The best is to use condoms; however, a fail-safe plan is always the best way to prevent any disaster.

Why take PrEP? PrEP Online is your go-to platform to look for similar answers. PrEP can keep you safe and eliminate the chances of any HIV growing in your body if taken within 72 hours of exposure.

How does PrEP prevent HIV?

HIV is a virus, and this is the feature of any virus that it replicates rapidly, making its copies. When PrEP is taken, it is an antivirus HIV drug that stops the HIV from replicating in your body. Even the condom can break, and in such a scenario, if you have been taking your PrEP medication regularly, there will be enough drugs in your body to keep you safe.

Who can take PrEP?

PrEP is for anyone at high risk, especially those who are HIV-negative. Read on to see if you fall in any categories; if you are, you must immediately look for Free PrEP.

  • Your partner has HIV, but neither your partner knows nor has any signs. Due to this, you are also unaware if you have caught HIV or not.
  • You have multiple sex partners, and condoms have never been your priority.
  • You are getting along with a new partner, but you are unsure about their HIV health status.
  • You are working as a sex worker. This is your business, and you cannot leave it.
  • You have been in any voluntary or involuntary injecting program or have been sharing equipment with others.

PrEP is not gender-specific. It can be used by anyone who is sexually active-both women and men, as well as Trans or LGBT, are eligible.

How long do I have to take PrEP?

You do not have to take PrEP for life. PrEP is only advised to be taken when you feel like you are at risk of catching HIV. This might be in new relationships, during the time duration of breakups, when planning holidays, while dating new people, if you feel like you will be sexually active with different people, when trying to conceive and one of you are HIV positive as well as if you have any drug addiction issues.

Once you start taking PrEP, you must visit your healthcare worker for regular checkups every six months.

Do I still need to be tested for HIV?

Yes, even if you are regularly taking PrEP, you still need to test yourself for HIV every 3 months, here’s why

  • While on PrEP, even though the risk of getting HIV is significantly reduced, there’s still a chance that you may get HIV.
  • If you are infected with HIV, you’d need a different type of medication to treat HIV, not PrEP. Anyone with positive HIV needs to get three types of anti-HIV to lead a healthy life.
  • It would help if you were careful about your medication plan. If you develop resistance to medication, it is possible to limit your chances of fighting against any virus in future.

Does PrEP have any side effects?

Most PrEP users haven’t reported any issues, but some came up with minor issues like headaches, nausea, dizziness, vomiting, and fatigue. However, they usually disappear in a week.

It has been rare, but PrEP can affect kidney functions. That’s why people on PrEP are advised to get their regular checkups every three months to ensure their health is thoroughly monitored.

Get in touch with your healthcare provider if you feel any side effects while taking PrEP.

How and where to get PrEP?

PrEP is not available over the counter. Like any other drug, you need to register with your healthcare worker, who will guide you about the step-by-step procedure to help you get your Free PrEP. You can do your research about the efficacy of this small pill from PrEP Online. Even if there are any questions, the healthcare workers are trained to address all concerns respectfully.

Is PrEP expensive?

Under the Affordable Care Act, PrEP must be accessible for any healthcare insurance plan. Patients are not charged for their visits and PrEP medication long with the lab tests needed to fill a prescription. This is to encourage people to use PrEP. The government resources are in place for people who are not medically covered.

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