12 Unusual Ways to Use Lemons

Lemons can be used in more ways than drink and food enhancers. Here are 12 unusual ways for lemon usage.

1. Get Rid Of Grease

Use half a lemon with salt and rub it on greasy surfaces and stove tops and give it wipe with a towel. Though, try avoiding using it on surfaces which may react to the acid in lemons.

2. Clean Tea Kettles/Coffee Pots

Just add a few peels of lemons in the kettle with water and bring it to a boil. Let the boiled lemon peels stand for an hour to get rid of the tea residue. Get some ice, salt and lemon rinds and swish and swirl them in the coffee pot for a couple of minutes and rinse after throwing them out.

3. Clean the Microwave

Another use of lemon rinds is for cleaning the stubborn food that gets stuck to microwave walls. Add a few lemon rinds to half a bowl of cold water in microwave and heat it up for minutes. Once the steam condenses the microwave, you can gently wipe away the dirt with a towel.

4. Refresh the Garbage Disposal

Uses of lemons may be many but lemons peels are excellent deodorizer for garbage disposal. It will also disinfect the disposal.

5. Polish Chrome and Copper

A lemon half or lemon juice combined with salt or baking powder or cream of tartar is an organic way to shine the copper ware, brass, stainless or chrome steel. Just rub it on the area you need to clean and you will have sparkling results.

6. Insect Repellent

Place lemon peels on windowsills, thresholds and any other nooks and crannies to keep ants and other insects at bay.

7. Air Freshener and Humidifier

One great way to use lemons is simmering the peels of lemons on reduced flame. This will humidify and refresh the air.

8. Refresh Chopping Boards

Lemon are low in pH which is responsible for its antibacterial properties. So, it is a great idea to freshen up and disinfecting your chopping boards by rubbing halved lemons and then rinsing it.

9. Lighten age spots

Although, uses for lemons are endless, but applying a small amount of lemon juice on age spots can lighten them. Apply it for an hour and rinse for best results.

10. Soften Dry Elbows

Take two halves of lemons and sprinkle some baking soda on both. Place your elbows in the lemon and for ten minutes twist as if you are juicing it. Rinse and then dry it off for softer elbows.

11. Uses for Lemon on the Skin

Lemon peels are a great skin tonic. Slightly rub the peels on the face, avoiding the eyes area and rinse for a fresher look.

12. Shower Scrub

Make your own organic shower scrub by mixing half a cup of sugar with olive and oil and finely chopped lemon peels. Rub the scrub and rinse for a soft skin.