Amazing Uses of Persian Dried Limes

A Persian dried lime has a citrus kick that is perfect for seafood and stews. They are essentially fresh limes that are boiled in salt water and dried under the sun until they are rock hard. You will be able to find these precious citrus gems in the pantry of every Iranian home since it is a fundamental seasoning in most of their dishes. If you are wondering what you can do with dried limes, then read on to discover some of their amazing uses.

Persian Stew

In Iranian cuisine, any stew would be incomplete without the tangy and citrusy hint of dried lime. For this reason, one of the most common ways on how to use Persian dried limes is by infusing it in soups and stews. You just need to pour enough boiling water to cover the limes to help soften them and release their flavors. After a couple of minutes, discard the soaking water and puncture the limes before you add it to your stew.

Seafood Stew over Basmati Rice

Just like with the traditional Persian stew, you need to soak the dried lime in warm or boiling water for a few minutes before you can add it to the stew. The difference is that in this case, you need to scrub the dried lime first before soaking. You also need to pierce the lime with a paring knife for it to release its flavor once you drop it in the stew.

Braised Chicken

Aside from traditional and contemporary stew, you can also add dried limes to braised chicken. The great thing about this recipe is that it tastes amazingly delicious even if it is served cold. However, you need to crush the dried limes and discard the seeds for this recipe. From there, you need to combine it with other spices such as turmeric, ginger, and fennel seeds, along with saffron, cardamom seeds, and pepper. You need to turn this into a paste by gradually adding olive oil to the mixture. This is the paste that you need to coat the chicken.

Lentil Soup

Another way to use dried limes is by infusing it in soups such as the famous Iranian lentil soup. In this case, the limes perfectly complement the other herbs used to flavor it. All you need to do to add dried lime to your soup is to poke it with a knife before putting it into the pot and boiling it along with the lentils until they are fully cooked. Make sure to take out the limes before you serve the soup.

In conclusion, the sour but aromatic taste and smell of dried limes can just be your secret ingredient in preparing your special dish. There is the option for you to use this flavor bomb as a whole or in its powder form and your recipe will taste exquisite nonetheless. Perhaps this is the perfect time for you to go ahead and explore the possibilities with the addition of dried limes in your dishes.

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