6 Worst Desserts for Weight Watchers

Losing your weight does not mean saying goodbye to all the scrumptious desserts that give you cravings every now and then. All you need is some piece of authentic advice to find out what you can eat and what not. Scroll down to read about desserts overflowing with calories!


Ice cream is one of the most popular and unavoidable desserts, but if we consider Ben &Jerry’s, then you should know that having just half a cup of it will result in consuming around 300 calories and also 20g of fat approximately. Heaping your bowl with scoops of ice cream will increase your waistline rather than reducing it.


There are a variety chocolate brownies, but if you go for the iced ones, then eating even one brownie can have you gaining around 250 calories and somewhere between 8g to 14g of fat. But the problem arises when people do not stop after having one of these decadent brownies, rather they keep eating and it does not take long for the calorie counter to increase its count.


A traditional cheesecake is obviously high in calories. All the heavy cream, sugar and cream cheese means that even a single serving will provide over 350 calories and 21g of fat. So if your tummy is urging you to have some of this rich dessert, you should be looking for a low-fat kind of cheesecake which satisfies your taste buds and yet doesn’t spoil your diet.


A chocolate sundae is one of the most preferred desserts while dining out. Although it is such a common dessert, people do not realize that even a small serving of it will provide them calories between 250 and 300, as well as 40g of sugar and 8g of fat. So even if it is enhancing your body by providing calcium, it is also reducing your ability to shed weight.


This dessert is usually available at various fast food chains. Although its serving size is not humongous, its rich filling texture is full of calories and fat, providing between 200 and 250 calories, approximately 20g of sugar and around 10g of fat. Meaning a single parfait will surprise you with ruining your hard work that you put into losing weight


How is it possible to have a meal at McDonald’s and not a McFlurry to go with it.

McFlurry is not simply ice cream, it’s a lot more than that. McDonald’s offers various toppings to go with it. But adding toppings means adding calories to your body. Even if you consume the simplest of them, you gain over 500 calories or even around 700. Not to forget, they are loaded with sugar. And if you have a filling meal such as a Big Mac with it, you are likely to add 100g of sugar and approximately 15g of fat to your toned body. So keep an eye on that calorie counter before you eat too much of these tempting desserts.