Ten Fitness Gurus Who are Millionaires

With so many conveniences surrounding us, from the TV’s remote to smartphones, our life has become quite sedentary which has affected our sizes. Nonetheless, there are some people who have an obsession of getting or maintaining the “perfect body image.” Such people are ready to pay hefty amounts for the trainers to help them achieve their goals.

In the last few decades, home workouts have gained a lot of popularity and so have the experts that have mastered the art of fitness. Here are 10 fitness gurus who charge heavy fees for helping people maintain their fitness. These are the millionaire fitness gurus listed from the lowest to the highest net worth.

10. Bob Harper – $2 Million

Bob Harper is the trainer from the show “Biggest Loser” and also the author of three books. Harper’s fitness empire is huge which includes health supplements, television appearances, books, workouts, and public speaking which are the main source of his financial status. He has become a famed icon for the LGBT community after accepting that he is a gay. Previously, he has trained a number of celebrities Jennifer Jason Leigh.

9. Jillian Michaels – $4 Million

Partnering Bob Harper in the show “Biggest Loser,” Jillian is a well-known name who has inspired millions of people to reconsider their fitness and maintain good physical health. Her website, DVD series, nutrition plans and books have also helped millions of people while helping her earn millions. She is one tough looking fitness guru and it is quite difficult for people to remain unaffected by her intimidating demeanor.

8. Shaun Thompson – $10 Million

Standing at the net worth of $ 10 millions, Thompson aka “Shaun T”, mind behind the Insanity program; an intense workout session that claims to show huge results to your body in just two months’ time. He’s also famous for his exercise series called Hip Hop Abs where he has combined his skills as a choreographer and a trainer. Formerly, a dancer for the famous singer Mariah Carey, Thompson built a career in health and physical fitness after studying it. He launched himself as a personal trainer in L.A. The Insanity series got sponsored by a company named Beachbody and there was no looking back for him.

7. Tony Horton – $10 Million

Tony Horton is involved in multiple fields of fitness. He is mostly famous for his home based training program – the P90X program which allows you to transform your body remarkably in less than 3 months. This millionaire fitness maestro is also the spokesperson for NordicTrack. He has some other less intense workout regimes as well. He is considered one of the best advisors for diet and exercise opinions and advice.

6. Richard Simmons – $15 Million

Read this article about Richard Simmons’ house in Los Angeles is a very dynamic fitness icon – because of his trademark shiny shorts and his sing-song voice. As a teen, Simmons had body image issues as he was quite over weight. However, instead of letting it be a hindrance, he focused on changing his body and became a symbol of confidence, inspiring many overweight teenagers to transform their lives.

5. Chuck Norris – $26 Million

Chuck Norris with his enviable body is an ardent spokesperson for the Total Gym workout along with Christie Brinkley. It’s his iconic physique that influences people to invest in the Total Gym workout – whether from the official website or late night infomercials. In general, the fervour and support that Chuck Norris demonstrates inspires many who want to adopt a healthier and fitter lifestyle.

4. Billy Blanks – $30 Million

Billy Blanks is most well known for creating the intense Tae Bo fitness program that utilizes karate and kickboxing. He was also a film actor for a brief period of time, but now he makes his primary living off of his fitness empire. Tae Bo exploded in popularity when it first came out, and to this day Blanks continues to come out with new variations of his fitness program from a “boot camp” style of program to more advance versions of the Tae Bo fitness program.

3. Tracy Anderson – $110 Million

Fitness guru of Kim Kardashian during her post-baby workout, Tracy Anderson’s portfolio also boasts of names like Jennifer Lopez, Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow. This rich trainer not only has gyms around the world, she also has series of DVDs to her credit which feature her poise and physicality as a dancer. Anderson guarantees that anyone who follows her series of dance-cardio can sport a petite dancer’s body. Her recent venture is “The Restart Project” which is devoted to assisting women overcome difficulty with better health and fitness.

2. Jane Fonda – $120 Million

Jane Fonda can truly be called the pioneer of exercise videos. Anyone wanting to trim their bodies in the past few decades has danced along Fonda with her videos playing on the TV. A former ballet dancer pursued her love of dance through aerobics when she couldn’t ballet dance after an injury to her foot. She learned aerobics from Leni Cazden. These workout sessions became such a pleasure for Fonda that she filmed videos of her workout and rest is history. Her videos became popular all over the world and it turned out to be a really successful career for her. Jane Fonda is a celebrity in herself today with a career as a Hollywood actress which has only multiplied over the years.

1. Tony Little – $200 Million

Celebrated as “America’s Personal Trainer”, Tony Little is acknowledged for his skill in fitness. His long, blonde ponytail is trademark. Tony is famous for his infomercials and his catchy phrases encouraging you at the end of your reps when it seems almost too difficult to go further. The recent newt worth of his infomercials is grossly a little more than $4 billion in sales. This figure allows him to secure the top list of fitness gurus with a net worth of $200 million in his personal assets…