Reasons Why You Need an Echocardiogram

The heart is the engine that controls your body. It is one of the important organs that require utmost care. If you develop heart problems, your life becomes hard and stressful since your functioning becomes hard. Many struggles with heart problems as they search for specialists to unearth their problems without success. Getting a good echocardiogram Upper East Side specialist may be daunting. However, the Upper East Side Cardiology team cares about your well-being. The team has experience in heart-related problems and will always ensure they have answers to your problems. They will examine and diagnose your underlying condition using the latest technology. They will then formulate a personalized treatment schedule that suits your needs. Here are some reasons why you may need an echocardiogram.

If You Had a Heart Attack

Heart attacks occur when you develop coronary artery disease and cause part of the muscle to die. They can also occur due to blood clots that block blood flow to the heart. This weakens the heart muscles, and they may be unable to pump blood effectively. A heart attack is dangerous and can cause death if not addressed early. An echocardiogram shows how your heart pumps blood when you visit your doctor.

You Have Chest Pains

Chest pains occur due to various reasons. You may experience chest pains due to angina, where your heart muscles fail to get enough blood supply. Lack of enough blood supply occurs due to coronary artery disease. Other causes of chest pain may include lung infection, indigestion, and panic attacks. An echocardiogram may examine your heart functioning and blood flow to determine the major cause of your chest problem.

 If You Have a Heart Murmur

There are times you may have an unusual sound when your heart beats. Your doctor may discover unusual sounds during a routine physical. Although most murmurs are harmless, the doctor may want to determine why. Some murmurs may indicate that you have a heart defect or damage to your heart due to injuries or high blood pressure. An echocardiogram may help identify the cause of your murmur by examining your heart condition.

When You Have Heart Valve Disease

 Heart valves are essential in ensuring the blood flows in the right direction. If you have a heart valve disease, the blood may flow in different directions, causing serious problems. The condition may stress the heart while pumping the blood, damaging the heart muscles in the long run. When your heart valve disease becomes severe, your doctor may want to monitor it through an echocardiogram and assess the problems.

If You Have or Have Had Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy helps kill cancer cells but can also damage the heart muscles. Your doctor may recommend an echocardiogram before having your chemotherapy to determine the state of your heart. This helps in regulating the chemotherapy sessions to minimize further heart damage.

Heart conditions may affect your daily living if you do not monitor them carefully. People have struggled with these problems without knowing where to go for assistance. The Upper East Side Cardiology team has experience in echocardiogram sessions to help examine and diagnose your heart problems. The team will recommend the best treatment to ensure you enjoy daily living. You can begin by scheduling an online consultation or calling their office today.

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