3 Ways to Detox Without Dieting

The idea of detoxing can feel overwhelming when you have a family to feed and other people to think about besides yourself.  Having a detox or a cleanout can be helpful to reset your system however it doesn’t need to be extreme. And detoxification is the initial stage of treatment for cocaine withdrawal symptoms.

There are many benefits to adding things into your eating to help you get better balance and simple habits that are easier to sustain long term.

Results come from consistent action so when you find simple things you can practice every day they become part of your lifestyle and they are easier to maintain permanently.

When your body feels bloated it is usually because something in your system is not regulated. There is too much sugar, salt, or not enough water, fiber, or nutrients being consumed to rejuvenate your metabolism.

A study into human behavior in the year 2000 by the University of Rochester in the USA found evidence that permanent behavior change is determined by the self-belief of the participant changing the behavior.

This means it comes down to the motivation of the participant and how competent they feel about achieving their result at the time they commit to changing their behavior.

This is why when we choose to be better or improve we need to fully commit to the idea and choose something achievable that can be maintained as part of the current way of being.

The research also found that methods that involved autonomy and practices that built confidence in the subjects were more successful long term than using a rewards-based system or external consequences.

This shows that when people are taught practical ways of improving their behavior and adding benefits to what they are already doing then they will see results and keep them more consistently.  Punishment only reinforces an ON/OFF process and participants find it harder to keep results long term.

There needs to be ‘buy-in’ by the subject before taking action and internal self-belief so when things get tough or resistance arises (from life and external forces) they have enough self-governing fuel to help them push through or find another solution that fits the problem.

Everyone has the potential to improve and keep their results is just a matter of letting go of perfection, finding something that is easy that can be done consistently and feeling grateful every day for what you already have instead of what you lack.   

To help you get kick-started this year try this one action that will help you detox in three ways without restriction.  It will help boost your energy, improve your immune system, and detox your liver in one easy step at the start of the day.  This can give you the confidence that it is easy to feel better and it doesn’t have to involve following extreme rules around your eating.

Get your body working better and give yourself a pick-me-up by trying out doing this one simple thing every day for 28 days and see how long you can commit to it:

What To Do?

Have a glass of water when you wake every day and add the juice of a full lemon, 1 tsp of Manuka UMF honey, and ½ teaspoon of turmeric.

Here are three reasons why when you drink this drink you are detoxing three ways in one simple step.  See how long you can commit to this one action over the next 28 days.

What The Benefits?

1)         When you wake from being asleep for at least seven hours your body is dehydrated.  Your body is normally 2/3rds water when optimally hydrated and this is the state in which your body performs at its best. Daily life, stress, rushing, and simple actions like talking, blinking and going to the toilet cause your body to lose water and this can strip away your energy.  Drinking water first thing gives your body a kick start to hydration for the day.  Adding lemon juice helps boost your vitamin C which is a potent antioxidant and very helpful for detoxing your liver.

2)      UMF Manuka honey contains antibacterial properties so including this is a perfect way of boosting your immune system and fending off any nasties that might develop in your body.  UMF stands for the ultra-Manuka honey factor and is related to the quality of the medicinal properties that the honey contains.  You want to have Manuka honey with a UMF of at least 10+ to get the medicinal benefits. These can be bought from your local health food store or to get a great quality local NZ product delivered to you anywhere to go.

3)         Turmeric is a potent anti-inflammatory spice that has been used for centuries throughout Chinese and Indian medicine. Its medicinal properties can help inflammation without providing any toxicity to the body.  It is great for detoxing the liver so your metabolism can be rebooted and perform better. A great spice to include every day after the holiday season to cleanse your liver after alcohol addiction and it is the best treatment for barbiturates abuse or any other drugs. The other way of detoxing is adding more water content into your diet through the food that you eat. Eating foods that have higher water content helps hydrate your cells and is helpful for flushing out toxins from your body.

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