7 Best Natural & Organic Hair Dye | No Chemicals Or Harmful Toxins

Grey hairs is a common problem that daunts every single woman and man. Grey hairs are usually associated with age and the sight of seeing grey hairs in the mirror can send chills down the spine. Worse is the case, when someone points it out. The best way to cover your grey hair is to grab a hair color dye. Hair color dyes are instant solutions to grey hair problem but come with a plethora of side effects like hair fall, irritation, and redness on the skin.

This is where natural hair dyes come into play. These are the safest methods to color your hair. Free from harmful chemicals from ammonia and parabens, natural hair colors get revive the “younger you” looks with absolutely zero side effects.

Here is a list of seven best natural hair dyes that can help you in concealing the greys.

Naturtint Permanent Hair Color:

 This natural hair dye is made with as many naturally-derived ingredients as possible so that you can color your hair safely without bothering much about the side effects. Some of the natural ingredients used in this hair color are Oleic Acid, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Quinoa, Shea Butter, and Baobab Proteins that all the essential nutrients that nourish and strengthen your hair. These ingredients also moisturize and reduce the frizziness of the hair so that your hair’s natural beauty is not retained after hair coloring. Naturtint has a line of hair care products like Color Care Collection, Root Retouch Collection, and Permanent Hair Collection making it a one stop solution for all hair coloring needs. The most impressing thing about Naturtint is the variety of colors they offer – 35 !

Schwarzkopf Simply Color Permanent Hair Color:

 Formulated with botanical oat milk, soy protein, and argan oil, Simply Color from Schwarzkopf is an outstanding choice for natural hair colors. The product is great for both men and women who have high density of grey hair and does a fabulous job when it comes to giving the user 100% grey coverage. This hair color is free from ammonia, silicone, and alcohol and is approved by dermatologists for their sensitivity on skin. Currently, Schwarzkopf Simply Color Permanent Hair Color  is available in 4 colors and recommends the users to use two boxes of hair color if the length of their hair falls below the shoulder. The product comes is recyclable boxes which shows their commitment towards Nature.

Tints of Nature Permanent Hair Color:

 Offering both semi-permanent and permanent hair colors, this Chemical free hair dye is one of few hair colors that can help you achieve super cool results at home. These hair colors gives you complete grey hair coverage and are easy to apply. The Permanent Color Dyes are available in 9 rich shades. 95% of the ingredients are naturally derived in this product. Henna is a major ingredient of this hair dye that conditions the hair and adds a nice shine to the hair. This vegan product is free from harmful chemicals like PPD/ PTD, Ammonia, and Resorcinol. The brand is particularly popular for the long lasting results that it offers.

Clairol Natural Instincts Semi-Permanent Hair Color:

 With 80% naturally-derived ingredients, this demi-permanent hair color is free from ammonia and parabens. It is available in 38 natural shades – the usual black or the vibrant red, you name a color and they have it. The color range that Clairol Natural Instincts Semi-Permanent Hair Color offers which is by far the maximum colors any natural hair coloring shampoo brand has offered. The no-dip creme formula ensures there are no messy drip while applying it on your hair. The last really long – 20 washes to be precise. The hair color is infused with the goodness of aloe vera and coconut to nourish and deep condition the hair. The hair color is suitable for all hair types, lengths, and textures.

Light Mountain Natural Hair Color & Conditioner:

The key ingredient of Natural hair dye shampoo is henna and several other botanicals are added to increase the effectiveness of this hair color. The original product line of this brand is available in 12 shades and the Color the Gray line is available in 8 shades to choose from. Light Mountain Natural Hair Color & Conditioner is one of the earlier player in this sector and have been blending henna based hair colors since 1980s. Even the henna used in this hair color is ethically sourced so that it is free from heavy metals and pesticides. Light Mountain Natural Hair Color & Conditioner is completely free from PPD, Ammonia, Peroxide, and all other harmful chemicals.

Logona Natural Herbal Botanical Hair Color:

 Made with the goodness of natural ingredients like organic henna, indigo, beetroot, and walnut shell, this hair color is completely safe to use. They are so gentle that they can be used even by breastfeeding mothers and pregnant ladies. They are potent in covering the grey hairs and add a natural look. This hair color is free from perxide, PPD and ammonia and is lauded for imparting a beautiful shine to the hair. It is completely vegan and nourishes your locks and makes the lush and healthy.

Radico Colour Me Organic Hair Color:

 This is one of the very few product that are certified by Ecocert. All the ingredient that go into the making of this product are 100% organic certified which makes them completely pure and safe. The product is available in various shades like black, blonde, and ash blonde for the users to pick their favorite one. It does a good job in covering your greys and is celebrated as the Best natural hair dye. It is free from chemical like PAP, PPD, Ammonia, Parabens, and Resorcinol. It can be used by both men and women and is a good solution for those suffering from premature greying.

While this a curated list of the leading players in the market, brands like Absolutely Ayur are anticipated to create a revolution in the Natural hair dye shampoo category. So, stay tuned!

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