Does Breast Augmentation Have An Effect On Emotions?

Do you feel that your breasts look odd in proportion to the structure of your body? Do you wish to increase the volume of your breasts to improve your contour? For every woman, it is a dream to have breasts that appear “aesthetically pleasing.” The face is that over small breasts could cause emotional discomfort and impair your self-esteem.” The causes of small breasts remain unclear. However, when it comes to underdeveloped or small breasts, environmental factors, lifestyle, and genetics can play an important role.

At such times, a breast augmentation in Atlanta will help to restore the size and better appearance of your breasts. What’s the best approach and does this procedure have an effect on your emotions? Read on to learn more.

Emotions Can Lead to an Augmentation

If you are not happy with the size of your breasts, or you feel they are asymmetrical (where one breast appears larger compared to the other), you may feel embarrassed and insecure, feel low in confidence and have intimacy issues, and push you to avoid certain activities and types of clothing. Most women who once were happy with their breast shape and size often find themselves unhappy with their “deflating” and sagging effects that weight loss and pregnancy often bring around their once firm and round breasts. This pushes women to opt for a Crispin Plastic Surgery procedure to reshape their breasts, increase, or decrease their size.

Other Reasons for Breast Augmentation

As mentioned above, breast augmentation aids in symmetry provides the best contour and additional self-esteem. It is a safe procedure and helps to enhance the shape and size of your bosoms. Several reasons are available when it comes to the breast augmentation surgery, however, some of the popular ones include:

  • Boosts fullness of the breast
  • Enhances symmetry of the breasts
  • Restores the volume or shape of breasts
  • Improves body image
  • Restores lost size that occurs from weight loss and breastfeeding
  • Restores volume or shape
  • Provides natural looking and attractive breasts

Preparing for the Breast Augmentation Surgery

The truth is that nothing actually has a direct, or great effect on how someone appears than the shape and size of the breasts. It could be that you wish to change several parts of the shape of your breast, for a number of reasons. In most cases, the outcomes can exceed the function, the patient expectations with regard to the appearance, more to the point through to the decision to undertake the breast augmentation procedure may be daunting.

Common Myths

Perhaps, no other form of surgery is safer than and as popular as the breast augmentation surgery. In recent years, this procedure is a popular one due to the increased number of patients, where plastic surgeons use advanced surgical techniques and instruments. These make the surgery an easier one, with lower risks of complications, they help to make recovery period easier and faster. Hence, the old myth that the augmentation procedure is one that comes with risks and complications is no longer true today.

Common Emotions You Encounter With Your New Body

Similar to changes in life, it can take some time for you to adjust to your new body, not in terms of physical appearance, but emotionally too. In every patient, this is a different process. Some tend to have an easier time when they adjust, while others end up experiencing a whole roller coaster of emotions for a short period. These different feelings are all because of the body’s reaction to the surgery stress (a reaction that is common to all the types of invasive procedures, while the body recovers). They are usually temporary; do not last longer than about a few weeks, at most. These feelings can range from anxiety to sadness. At any time, if you feel this way, you should rest assured that it is all normal and this phase is sure to pass away. However, if it ends up lasting for more than a few weeks, you would want to see a doctor, which is a clear sign of a separate issue such as depression.

On the other hand, women who fully adjust to their new breasts post the augmentation surgery report that they feel more confident about their appearance. This ends up affecting most part of their life, right from their social to personal life and even in their intimate relationships. However, a small word of caution to consider is that if you love the appearance of your new breasts, it does wonders to boost your self-image, but this should not be the sole source of your self-esteem.  Hence, it is necessary that you stick to realistic expectations of the surgery before time and you should not expect it to solve all of your problems related to self-esteem.

For more information on what you should expect to post the breast augmentation surgery, it is advisable that you consult an experienced plastic surgeon, one that is board certified.