Can Silica Help With Thinning Hair?

Trying to manage hair loss seems impossible at today’s time. Pollution did take a toll on our overall health, including our hair. You might wonder what can exactly help? Silica can be the answer here.

Know nothing about it? Don’t worry; we got you. In this piece, you will find everything you need to know about Silica and even more.

Silicon Dioxide, commonly referred to as silica, is a trace mineral mixture of oxygen and silicon. You may find small amounts of silica in grains and green leafy vegetables. They are also available in the form of pills and supplements.

However, there is a lack of scientific evidence to support that silica is helpful for hair loss. But it is proven to strengthen hair follicles and keep timely breakage at bay. Using bamboo silica for hair boosts natural oil secretion and promotes hair growth.

This article will cover how silica initiates hair growth and replenishes skin cells magically.

What is Silica?

Silicon dioxide is a mineral that constitutes oxygen and silicon. Silica is found in abundant amounts in nature. It is said that it accounts for 12% of the earth’s crust. Silica is found in almost every rock. It is found in every soil, from clay to granite to beach sand.

Some natural food sources of silica are bananas, nuts, cereal, green beans, and legumes. Most people get silica by consuming fruits, veggies, or supplements. However, please note that the bioavailability of silicon dioxide differs as per the source.

How is silica beneficial for hair?

According to a 2016 research study, it is proven that silica offers vital nutrients to hair follicles and skin. Silica is not proven effective in reverse hair loss, but a 2007 study shows that it may help stop premature hair breakage.

Consuming 10 mg of silica supplement strengthens hair strands. But make sure to ask your healthcare provider first and then include.

Including bamboo silica for hair in your hair care regime is the best thing to do, if you are shedding more than 50 strands a day.

Added health benefits of silica

Silica supplements are widely popular because of the claims that they make bones and joint cuffs stronger, increase collagen generation and boost hair growth. But due to lack of proof, some benefits are not backed up properly.

Silica deficiency in humans does cause soft and thin nails. However, research does show that silica offers protection against nail infection and prevents brittle nails. There is also proof that silica supplements reverse the effect of photoaging and help the skin achieve natural skin tone. The hair, skin and nails vitamins and the silica supplements can add extra benefits for your hairs, skin & nails.

A study that suggested silica supplements usage for 20 weeks showed drastic changes in skin texture. The uncertainty of its benefit to hair fall does not interfere with silica bolsters hair follicles and averts breakage.

A study in the journal Archives of Dermatological Research states that bioavailable variants of silica in the form of supplements were given to women with thin hair types. In nine months, women in the silica group had significantly thicker hair strands and increased elasticity.

How to use silica to get the most health benefits?

Most people are deficient in silica because it is such a chemical compound that does not retain in the body instead flushes out by the kidneys.

A study published in 2016 states that only silica supplements can help the body store silica. Silica supplements are mostly made out of bamboo and horsetail planters.

The supplements do come in tincture, and it is even the best way to consume. Other methods include intaking it in tea infused with dried herbs. Some people even steep horsetail plants overnight and mix them with shampoo to offer natural silica to hair follicles.

You can even add silica supplements to your homemade health drink or normal drinking water to make it stay in the system and boost immunity.

Bamboo silica for hair is the best option to add silica magic to your life!

Never start a new supplement without taking your doctor’s advice. They will inform you about your medical history and say if it’s safe for you.

Are there any severe side effects of silica?

Silica supplements are said to be safe for daily consumption.

According to a study published by PLoS, male respondents were given 9 gms of silica every day. In the long run, none of the respondents got positive for serious side effects but did show signs of improved health.

Silica is not approved as a medication by the FDA, but they have allowed its usage as a food additive.

But when silica is inhaled through the dust, it can trigger health issues like silicosis.


If you ever use silica supplements, abide by the recommended dosage written on the supplement package. Also, check if all other elements used in the supplement are safe for human consumption.

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