The Ultimate Catalogue of Men’s Shapewear

As lockdown eases and the nation starts to emerge from a few months of hibernation. Guys up and down the country are looking down at their bodies. Wondering how they put on those extra pounds. While regular exercising and a calorie deficit are the best options to help lose extra weight. Most guys are looking for a way to speed that process up, which is where shapewear comes in.

Much like the versions offered to women, men’s shapewear creates the illusion of a trim and toned appearance. As it’s made from highly elasticated fabrics, shapewear helps to pull in any unwanted lumps and bumps. Creating a smoothed-out silhouette and therefore improving overall body confidence.  It may come as a surprise when you learn just how many different types of shapewear for men are available. In this article. We explore the different styles out there, as well as explore their features and benefits.

Compression Shirts

Compression shirts are a popular take on men’s shapewear. Most commonly known for being worn snuggly against the body, compression shirts feature stretchy. breathable materials that provide the body with ample sculpting power. One of the big draws of compression shirts is that they can be worn on their own. with shorts or jeans, or can easily be worn beneath a shirt without it being obvious that it’s sucking you in.


If being easy to wear wasn’t enough, compression shirts come with a tonne of benefits. One notable one is that you can wear compression shirts while you exercise. Compression shirts don’t just help to suck your stomach in – they also protect you during intense exercise. As they help to keep your muscles warm, which prevents muscle strain – pretty cool, huh?

When are they best worn?

There really are no rules when it comes to wearing compression shirts. Some guys prefer to wear them every day underneath their clothes, and others like to wear them for sports. When it comes down to wearing it, it depends on the compression control level. For sports, you’ll want something that isn’t too restrictive with lightweight control. But for a special occasion, it’s likely you’d want to try something with firm control to help smooth over any unwanted lumps.

Tummy Tuckers

Most problem areas for men are around the stomach area, which is why a tummy tucker is so great. Tummy tuckers help many guys to define and sculpt their abs. Thanks to their carefully curated design. Tummy tuckers help to give the illusion of washboard abs as they gently work to pull in any overhang. One of the main concerns from most guys is whether a tummy tucker will be visible beneath tight clothes – many tummy tuckers simply act as another layer so can be as discreet as you want them to be.


As well as being incredibly discreet, tummy tuckers also help to improve posture. Poor posture can lead to a whole array of issues, from neck and back pain as well as headaches. Tummy tuckers can help to support your posture in daily activities as they help to compress the torso ensuring a correct posture is adopted.

When best worn

Tummy tuckers can help you look and feel your best. They help to shape your thighs, glutes, and hips all whilst their high waist helps to get rid of muffin tops. The best part about them is that you can wear them all day thanks to their lightweight, seamless fabric.

Slimming Underwear

Everyone wants something different from their underwear; some guys want tight-fitting boxers and others just want the reassurance that everything will stay in place. That’s where slimming underwear comes into play: a mix between boxers and shapewear, slimming underwear skims the body contours effortlessly, pulls in the torso, and is made from lightweight, breathable materials that can be worn all day.


The great thing about slimming underwear is that they act like regular underwear but fit a little higher to suck you in. Available in a variety of different lengths and sizes, slimming underwear is great at highlighting muscles, especially in the legs.

When are they best worn?

With such a variety of different shapes, sizes and controls available on the market, slimming underwear can be worn to formal events, the office, gym, the pub – basically wherever and whenever you want. How you wear slimming underwear is completely up to you.

Men’s Waist Trainers

Last but by no means least are men’s waist trainers – a waist-cinching, elasticated garment that covers the abs and hips. Made with a classic design, waist trainers sit comfortably around the abdomen area, helping to smooth out fat and give the illusion of a slender and toned physique, all whilst making the shoulders appear more muscular.


Waist trainers may look like an old-school corset, but the hook-up closure in the middle allows you to adjust the fit to your liking. It’s designed for all types of men, with different body types but is loved by those that want more abdominal support. As well as offering fantastic abdominal support, a waist trainer can also help to improve poor posture.

When are they best worn?

For best results from waist training, you have to be consistent. You should aim to break a waist trainer in by wearing it for a couple of hours a day at first and then working your way up. By following a waist training program alongside a healthy diet and regular exercise, you will see results in a couple of months.

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