How to Enjoy Life outside the Internet World

Do you think where internet has brought the world closer and connected people globally; it has also somehow disconnected people living together. Do you remember a time, when there were no cell phones, laptops or other such electronic gadgets and people depended on each other, both friends and family, for help, entertainment or socializing? But what do you see now when you go out or even at your homes. Families are sitting in restaurants, all busy in their phones and even the baby, busy watching his nursery rhymes on the iPad. Internet has replaced everything, but there is something that even Facebook reactions and emojis can never replace; the human ability to connect and feel other fellow humans.

It’s your birthday, you get beautiful videos and photo tags and long love filled wall posts, but what lifts your spirits; a phone call from your parents who live away, a surprise party by your friends or say a dinner date with your love. The human touch has the ability to create memories which the internet does not. No one would remember who wished them and who did not or what they posted on their wall but they will surely remember surprises and dinners like these for life. So here is how to build on your life outside the internet and make the most out of it.

Set your priorities right!

Know how much time you have to spare for work, friends and family. Decide on your priorities; what’s most important at this stage in life? Once you know your priorities, it will be easy to make a proper schedule and routine for things other than the internet or social media.

Family time is necessary too!

Each day spare an hour or two to sit and talk with your family over dinner or coffee. Discuss your day, share your experiences good and bad, take and give advice, laugh and joke and mess around with your siblings. Keep your phone away during this time, in fact set a norm of “No Cell Phones during Family Time”. If your family lives away, you can spend some time with your friends and make plans to go hiking, camping or clubbing whatever suits your mood and age.

Leave your work laptop in your Office Premises

Do not bring work laptop home. Bringing work laptop home means you have bid farewell to rest and relaxation or free time even at home. Make sure your boss knows that so he can not bother you after work hours and you can relax and indulge your mind and body with other physical activities.

Invest time on yourself

Rather than wasting precious hours on the internet, go spend your time and money on an adventurous trip to an island or a lush green forest camping trip where you can admire the beauty of nature and feel fresh and agile. If you can’t spare time for this treat yourself to a day at the spa, at least once a month.