Best Exercises to Boost Mental Health

We’ve all had times where simply lacing up our tennis shoes to go jogging or to the gym seemed like it took all the strength we could muster. These are the moments when we start telling ourselves little excuses like, “I’ll just start tomorrow” – even though “tomorrow” never comes. The longer we wait, the tougher it is to go through with it. Though even if our bodies may be able to hold out for a while, our mental health is much more delicate. To keep our mind and body in check, we need to start to be and stay active.

Balance and Wobble Boards

Balance boards are growing in popularity for an array of reasons. They may look pretty plain but they can help anyone of any fitness level. No matter if you’re a complete beginner or an advanced athlete,
you’ll benefit. They can help you exercise muscles you may not focus on otherwise, which can help with overall balance, core strength, and more.
If you’re recovering from an injury or are in rehab, they can be a nice method to get your body active without placing too much stress on the body. If you do or would like to practice board sports or yoga in the future, you’ll find that using balance and wobble boards greatly increases your skills.
Aside from that, they’ll help you focus and relax your mind while improving posture – benefits that
everyone can enjoy it.

Lifting Weights

In 2017, ‘Sports Medicine’ came to the conclusion that lifting weights can lower symptoms of anxiety and calm the mind. While this may not be the only factor why weightlifting has become more popular in both women and men, it surely plays some role. If you’ve never lifted weights before, then don’t count this option out. You can start with low weight and work your way up when you’re more comfortable. If you can’t make it to the gym or don’t feel confident to, try getting a pair of adjustable dumbbells.
These let you change the weight so you can use a lower weight at the beginning and over time add more when you’ve built up strength. This will also save you money compared to if you were going to buy various sets of non-adjustable dumbbells – not to mention space.


If you’re looking to boost your mental health, what better way than to go for a dip? There’s something about water that just relaxes us; the sound and even just being around it. Swimming is a workout that burns a ton of calories, but the breathing control required for it helps balance oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood which can help keep you calm.
If you feel more comfortable swimming underwater, you won’t miss out on benefits either. Swimming
underwater can offer sensory deprivation benefits!


This is another great exercise if you’re just starting out with an exercise routine or aren’t in the kind of shape where you feel you can partake in a more rigorous type of physical activity. While walking may not seem like much, just 10 minutes of it has been proven to significantly lower anxiety symptoms and

stress levels. Walking at a moderate pace has been proven to fight anxiety attacks for many and can even aid those suffering from depression due to how it regulates our hormones.


Getting on a bike and pedaling away is freeing and the sunlight from the outdoors can boost your mood and help calm the mind. Even if you can’t make it outdoors, an exercise bike can boost endorphins and get your body moving. If you can though, we really recommend it. Who doesn’t love a pretty nature trail or a beachside road? Not to mention cycling is a low impact exercise that’s a great option for people of all fitness levels. It’s time to dust off the old bike and give it a spin!

Now that you know the best exercises to help your mental health, which one will you be trying first? No matter what it is, the important thing is that you get started today. Thanks for tuning in and have fun!

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