Important Factors to Consider When Choosing the Family Planning Method

Every young couple’s dream is to extend their family at some point.  Giving birth to a healthy baby usually brings happiness and new responsibilities, especially to new moms.  However, as much as you wish to extend your family, sometimes a certain number of children can strain you financially.  Additionally, your culture may restrain you from extending your family to a specific point.  In such cases, it is good to consider family planning McAllen to get the desirable family structure.  Here are the factors you should consider when choosing family planning techniques.

The Lifestyle

Your lifestyles are a practical matter when choosing the contraception method.  For the effectiveness of the family planning method, it should align with your personality and habits.  If the technique does not match your lifestyle, it will not serve as intended.  

For example, if you are a smoker, you may not reap the maximum benefits from hormone-based contraception.

The Side Effects

Some family planning techniques can have potential side effects on your body.  For example, hormone-based methods can trigger breast tenderness and nausea.  Therefore, you should discuss the side effects with your doctor before choosing the family planning method.  

This way, you will know the side effects you can easily bear and live with while applying the contraception methods.

The Cost of the Technique

When choosing any birth control method, it is good to bear in mind the expenses that you are going to incur.  You should select a family planning method that does not strain your pocket.  Also, it would help if you considered the initial cost of the method since some birth control methods involve high costs initially but become affordable in the long run.

The Health Condition

Your decision on the birth control method can greatly impact your health.  Therefore, disclosing your medical history to your healthcare provider is recommended before choosing the family planning method.  Your provider will advise you to avoid hormone-based contraception methods if you have a history of heart disease.

Reproductive Goals

While many people opt for birth control methods to avoid unplanned pregnancies, it is good to consider whether you want kids in the future.  If you are sure your family is complete, you can select permanent techniques like sterilization.  However, if you still want to extend your family, you should consider reversible methods such as pills.

Protection Against Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)

Some family planning methods can help you avoid unplanned pregnancies while minimizing the risk of STDs. Therefore, if you have multiple sexual partners, you should use the barrier methods like a condom.  You could opt for the non-barrier methods if your single sexual partner tested negative for the STDs.  For more protection, you should consider regular STD testing with your partner.

Sometimes giving birth to a high number of children can strain you financially.  Therefore, you and your partner should plan for the newborn before pregnancy.  Birth control methods allow you to get the family structure that fits your financial capacity.  Since there are many family planning methods, it is good to decide which ones suit you.  The above factors will help you in choosing the right technique.  For example, considering your health conditions will help you select the method that does not worsen your underlying medical conditions.

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