How To Keep Motivated With Your Fitness Goals?

Staying motivated with your fitness goals is difficult for everybody. As soon as you get into a routine, you will see results. Moreover, if you are not seeing the results then you will become demotivated. There are many ways to stay motivated and everybody does it differently. Here are some of the best methods to help you get motivated in the gym.

Remember Why You Started Your Fitness Journey

Remembering why you started your fitness journey is a great way to keep you motivated. A lot of people will do it to improve their fitness. Other people will do it to lose weight or build muscle. Some may even do it to win a medal in a competition. When you reminisce on the things that help your fitness journey, remember why you quit last time.

Figure out the issues that slowed you down. Was it your diet? Was it fatigue? Was it losing track of your results? Were you not sure how to perform exercises? Many things may have demotivated you, resulting in you no longer going to the gym.

Create a list of all of the things that hindered your fitness journey last time and avoid them this time. For example, if fatigue is an issue, try not to overtrain and make sure you eat enough protein. You also want to include cooldowns at the end of your workout.

If time is an issue for you, make your workouts shorter and exercise more throughout the week. It all depends on how much time you have to exercise. Diet is another common issue that people have when exercising.

Be Realistic

During your fitness journey, you have got to be realistic or else that will also demotivate you. If you aim to lose weight straight away, we will tell you the truth and say it won’t. The human body is complicated so no matter what your fitness goal is, it isn’t going to happen straight away.

Diet is an important factor for both gaining weight and losing weight. Furthermore, it is even more important than the actual exercise. Remember, when exercising, you have to burn more calories than what you eat. The same goes for when you are looking to gain weight. You need to eat more calories than what you burn during exercise.

Remember not to over-exercise. This is something that people do when they begin their fitness routine. Include plenty of rest days to allow time for your muscles to recover after a gym session.

Re-Motivate Yourself

Motivation is important for your workout plan. You need to set yourself achievable short-term goals. For example, if you aim to lose weight, then aim to lose a pound a week. It is realistic and achievable and it is also a healthy amount of weight to lose in a short time. Another thing that you could do is have a percentage chart, where 100% is your final goal. Remember to revisit your goals for you to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Don’t look at how you have lost weight. Look at the other benefits that have come with losing weight. For example, have you become more flexible since losing this weight? Are you able to run or go on a long walk now? Many benefits come along when you are exercising.

Another way to stay motivated is to vary your routine. Vary your exercise routine every couple of weeks or once a month. Include different exercises that you are not used to. You must mix up these exercises as it is a great way to stay motivated.

Make Sure You Reward Yourself

Again, rewarding yourself during your fitness regime is another way to stay motivated. A reward is something that everybody needs no matter what their fitness goals. Plus, there are many things that you can reward yourself with as well. For example, a weekend getaway at a spa could be beneficial for your mental health as well as your physical health.

Maybe even have a cheat day where you have your favourite foods, watching films all day on a rest. Another way to reward yourself is with new women’s activewear or a new water bottle with a diffuser. There are so many things that you can reward yourself with so make sure you do it.


Keeping motivated is the only way where you can achieve your fitness goals. If you don’t stay motivated, you are soon going to see yourself slip away and not attend the gym as much. Keep reminding yourself why you started and why you began this wonderful fitness journey.

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