Can Children Under 3 Use A Nebulizer?

Anyone of any age can use nebulizers. They are used mainly for babies and children who have respiratory conditions but can’t use an inhaler. That is why it is always crucial to invest in a high-quality nebulizer for kids.

Here is everything you need to know about nebulizers in children under the age of three.

Use It When Your Baby Is Sleepy

You can use a nebulizer for babies, but you need to ensure that you do it when they are likely to sleep soon. That is because when they are in such a sleepy state, they respond better to treatments and medications. As a general rule of thumb, you can use a nebulizer on them after they eat, before they take any naps, and before their bedtime.

When you do this, the treatment will ensure they sleep better and get a deep sleep. It allows them to breathe better, which directly affects the quality of their sleep. So, it is the best time to use a nebulizer for children under three.

Reduce The Noise

Nebulizer machines tend to be noisy sometimes, and they can bother your baby. If that happens, then you need to use the nebulizer carefully to reduce the noise, so they don’t become irritated. One way you can do that is by placing the nebulizer on a rug or towel to reduce the noise that comes from the machine’s vibrations.

Another way you can reduce the noise is by using longer tubing. It helps because it ensures that the noisiest part of the nebulizer is not close to your baby. You can try both and see what works best to calm your baby while you are doing the nebulizer treatment.

Hold Your Baby Upright

If you want your child to breathe deeply, you need to ensure that the medication is being delivered adequately through the nebulizer. One way to guarantee this is by holding your baby in an upright position for the duration of the nebulizer treatment. Sitting upright allows the medicine to be delivered thoroughly across the lungs.

However, if your baby becomes uncomfortable sitting upright and being nebulized in this way, then you can always swaddle them for comfort. If they are more comfortable and calm that way, then you can opt for this. Whatever method works for the baby, you need to keep doing that, so the medicine shows significant results in no time.

Final Words

These are the top three tips you need to follow when using a nebulizer for children under the age of three. You can refer to this handpicked list of the best handheld nebulizers and choose the most suitable product for your child.

It is always advised to follow what the healthcare professional says and then administer the nebulizer medication accordingly. If you have any concerns, you need to talk to your child’s doctor.

Once you do, your child will have no issues taking in the nebulizer treatment, and their symptoms will become better in no time. Keep in mind to invest in the best nebulizer to guarantee your child’s comfort.

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