How online fitness coaching can help in reaching your fitness goals

Personal trainers help you in a great way by providing guidance on workouts and nutrition. But everyone can’t afford this expensive service. Also, it is difficult to find a well-qualified trainer in your nearby area when you are not living in a big metro city. In this scenario, you can find an online fitness coach who gives the same valuable service at fraction of the price. Let’s understand how online fitness coaching can help in reaching your fitness goals.

Preliminary Health & Fitness Assessment

The very first step of personal training is always a preliminary assessment. Under online training, trainers send an assessment form to you through mail or an application. Through it, they ensure that you are medically fit and take part in physical exercises. Also, they get to know about your fitness level and limitations if any. They may also ask you to provide clearance of a medical practitioner as well to minimize the risk involved in participating in physical activities.

Plan Customization

Online fitness trainers often share a detailed questionnaire that asks questions related to your lifestyle like eating habits, daily routine, sleeping hours, etc. They also ask your preferences for the number of workout days in a week, the duration of the single workout session, preferred food items, etc. Accordingly they generate a fully customized fitness plan which is made for you only. It helps you to follow the plan consistently without any discomfort otherwise you will just struggle every day and eventually drop to follow it. You can also get your plan customized as per the facilities available.

Process of Training

online gym training is available in a wide variety of formats which differ in training styles. You can opt for any format which best suits your requirement. If you are not self-motivated for workout and want to do it at home only then live training sessions through video calls are very helpful for you. Here your online trainer will be virtually present in front of you to guide the exercises. On the other hand, if you just need the guidance of an expert professional to hit your goal then you can take support through chat and phone as well. In this format, you can share your exercise videos offline to get the exercise form corrected and access the exercise video library.

Progress Monitoring

Online personal trainers address all your queries and difficulties over chat, mails, audio calls, or video calls. They also do the review of your progress against the goals on defined time intervals which could be weekly, biweekly, or monthly depending on your package. For it, they usually take your body weight, measurements, pictures, etc, and keep a record of it. They analyze it and give you detailed feedback on your progress. They also make the changes in your workout and diet plan on the basis of our progress so that you continue to progress towards your goal.


Online fitness training mimics one on one personal training at the gym. You get the same guidance with much more flexibility and that too at a lower price. The difference between the two is only that a personal trainer is not physically present in front of you. Physical presence hardly makes a difference as you hire a personal trainer mainly for getting the right guidance on exercise and nutrition. Thus online training is a great resource that you can utilise to reach your fitness goals.


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