7 Best Daily Exercises To Reduce Lower Belly Fat After Pregnancy In 30 Days

Do you still appear pregnant even after your baby is born? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. Even though each pregnancy and delivery is unique, most women gain weight after giving birth. However, you must accept that, as it took nine months for your belly to develop, it will take time to return to its former shape. However, if you exercise regularly, that can help speed up the process.

It’s vital for new moms to include some exercise in their daily routine after the baby arrives, as it may reduce the extra pregnancy weight. However, contrary to common opinion, losing weight is not as complicated as it appears. So, keep reading this article, and we will share some simple exercise ideas to help you reduce your lower belly fat.

What Are The Best Exercises To Reduce Lower Belly Fat After Pregnancy In 30 Days?

It’s crucial to remember that your body will need 6-8 weeks to heal from the stress of labor and delivery before you begin exercising. Starting exercise too soon after birth can slow down your recovery due to added stress and make you sleepy. You must consult with your doctor to see if you have any more pregnancy symptoms left or not, and then start exercising. Let’s look at a few lower belly fat exercises now that will reduce your lower belly fat fast.

1: V-ups

The V-up is a full-body workout that targets your core, legs, back, and shoulders. This exercise is considered the ultimate solution for reducing lower belly fat. It involves crunches and leg lifts, which makes it even more effective and easy to do. This activity should be included in your regular training regimen if you want to lose belly fat after your pregnancy.

2: Plank

Plank is the most effective workout for reducing abdominal fat. Plank is a great calorie-burning workout since it works many muscles at once. It improves your body and helps you lose weight around your lower belly. Straight arm plank, side plank, and one arm plank are some of the plank variants you may do. Apart from giving you a toned tummy, planks also help improve your posture and increase your flexibility.

3: Bicycle Crunches

The bicycle crunch is a great way to tighten your upper abdominal muscles. When done correctly and consistently, the exercise can help you achieve a flat stomach. It may appear like the exercise is tough to do, but it is not. You just have to move your body more, which helps you activate a variety of muscle groups. In addition, this technique can help tone your stomach and eliminate visceral fat if you incorporate it into your training regimen.

4: Flutter Kicks

Flutter kicks are an excellent way to lose weight around your stomach. It’s the ultimate lower abdominal fat burner. In this exercise, speed and leg extension are pretty significant. Flutter kicks strengthen and improve the lower back. Flutter kicks are a kind of cardio that works similar to walking. If your exercise goal is to decrease lower belly fat, flutter kicks will be the most effective. If you execute flutter kicks at a medium-high effort, you’ll burn a lot more calories.

5: Mountain Climbers

You could attempt mountain climbers if you want to have flawlessly shaped abs yet have reduced belly fat. Mountain climbers may appear to be a simple workout, but it will tone the lower belly fat you acquired during pregnancy. The abs, arms, shoulders, chest, and belly are all targeted during this workout. This one exercise combines cardio and muscular training, which is why it can burn fat quickly. Additionally, it will aid in the shaping of your thigh and hip muscles.

6: Aerobics

Aerobics is a good option if you wish to shed extra fat in your lower belly after pregnancy. Aerobic exercise regularly will help you burn calories and stabilize your metabolism. You have to start aerobics exercise at a slow tempo and increase the intensity gradually. You must do it at least twice a week. Sometimes women also face menopause symptoms just after their pregnancy because the estrogen level drops much lower than usual. Aerobics is one such exercise that can help you deal with this phase too.

7: Yoga

Yoga is a comprehensive set of physical and mental activities. Yoga is one of the most effective activities for reducing lower belly fat after pregnancy. Make it a habit to do yoga first thing in the morning to refresh and energize yourself for the day. If you are unsure about doing yoga at home, you can join a yoga studio. Breathe Together Yoga has some of the best yoga classes, especially for women who want to get in shape after pregnancy. You can also join their online class session.

Closing Thoughts

Reducing lower belly fat after pregnancy is not an easy job. But, it is also quite essential to regain your confidence, so for all the new moms out there, we think you should include at least one of these exercises in your daily routine. Apart from helping you toning your belly, these exercises will also keep you fit. So, start doing them now.

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