Types Of Painless Blackhead Removing Tools And Equipment

Blackheads are one of the most common skin issues that all men and women battle with. The oil and dirt that come over our face seeps into the skin pores and then solidifies resulting in clogged pores on the skin. Removing these solidified wastes is not easy and is time-consuming and painful. Blackheads, if wrongly removed, result in acne formation and even scarred skin. Science and technology have worked their best and come up with the best solutions to the blackhead problems.

Comedone Extractor

The come done extractor is one of the tools that is a painless blackhead remover and a pore cleanser. It works on the principle of the pore vacuum and the vacuum suck out all the dirt and oil from the pores. The pore vacuum cleanses the entire skin and also removes dead skin cells and also unclogs pores to give a clear and healthy skin from within.

  • Facial Steamer – Steams from the portable facial steamer moisten the skin and unclogs the pores. It makes it very easy for you to extract out all the blackheads. Scrubbing after a steam session makes it easy and painless to remove blackheads, whiteheads, and even the dead skin that makes you look dull. This can be another go-to device for you to remove blackheads at home. Do get a set of tweezers to work on your skin and remove the leftover blackhead residues after the steam session.
  • Facial Scrubber – Scrubber does not only come in the form of a face wash. Scrubbers are a spatula kind of device that vibrates when turned on. The ultrasound waves emitted out of the scrubber device helps in exfoliating the dead skin and the clogged pores to give a clean and flawless skin. Scrubbing after a steaming session works the best but you should remember that doing this every single day is not good for your skin. Steaming sessions and scrubbing sessions are effective and harmless if done almost three times in a week.
  • High-Frequency machine – The high-frequency machine is an all in one solution to all the skin issues and problems that women battle with. The device also works on the principle of ultrasonic waves and this helps in fighting blackheads, dead skin, and all sorts of skin issues that one could frequently get. The skin one getting a good facial massage and treatment with this device becomes beautiful and gets the natural glow that you always craved for.

Charcoal mask – Activated charcoal is an amazing pore cleanser. It has a natural property of cleansing the skin and when used as a mask, it pulls out every little impurity from the clogged pores and also from the skin surface to give a skin that is free from dirt and pollutants. It is one of the painless ways to remove blackheads from the toughest clogged pores. The activated charcoal face masks also pull out all the dead skin cells that hinder the skin’s functioning and also keeps the skin healthy.

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