5 Times Telemedicine Might Be the Best Treatment Option for You

Telemedicine allows you to receive diagnostic and treatment services from your doctor without leaving your house. By allowing you to visit with your doctor via video call or phone, this service cuts down on time spent driving to the hospital and waiting in crowded ER rooms. It makes healthcare more accessible and convenient for you, especially when you are too ill to go to the hospital. But Orlando telemedicine is not always the ideal approach to a medical problem; sometimes, only a physical visit with your doctor can help your situation. To help you decide when this is true, here are five scenarios when telemedicine is the right option for you.

When You Have a Viral or Infectious Disease

Viral infections like the common cold, the flu, and COVID-19 are highly contagious. A visit to the hospital increases the risk of infecting other people, which is why these conditions are best treated via telemedicine. Through virtual visits, your doctor can evaluate your symptoms, provide a diagnosis, and begin treatment. You can recover from home in a safe, contained environment.

When You Need a Follow-Up

If you recently received treatment for an illness or injury, your doctor may schedule a follow-up session to ensure you are recovering as expected. This session may include a physical exam but often involves your doctor asking questions about your health, possible side effects, aftercare routines, and more. Since it is mostly a conversation, a follow-up session can be completed virtually. You can also use the session to discuss any concerns you may have about your recovery, and your doctor will determine whether you need to come in for further treatment.

When You Have a Chronic Illness

Telemedicine is a convenient and effective way to manage chronic conditions like high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and arthritis. Through your virtual sessions, your doctor can monitor your medications and symptoms, ensuring you get help when you feel unwell. They can also provide lifestyle recommendations on your diet, activity levels, alcohol intake, and more. When the need arises, your doctor can use your telemedicine sessions to provide referrals and manage your allergies.

When You Need to Fill a Prescription

Medication management is a fairly easy process that does not require a full-day visit with your healthcare provider. This is especially true when you are refilling a prescription rather than getting a new one. Because your doctor is familiar with your medical history and medication needs, a quick video call to discuss your symptoms and whether they are improving should be enough to get a prescription.

When You Need Behavioral Treatment

Behavioral treatments, talk therapy, and support do not require physical examinations. If your sessions often involve discussing your thoughts, feelings, or actions with your doctor, you can do this via video call. It should be even easier, more convenient, and more relaxing since you can remain in a comfortable environment – your home – during the session.

Schedule Your Virtual Visit Today

Going to the hospital is not always easy or possible, especially when you are not feeling well. It may not even be safe where communicable conditions are involved. And while in-office visits are sometimes necessary, you do not always need to be in the same room as your doctor to receive treatment. You can schedule a telemedicine consultation instead. Your doctor will usually tell you what services they offer through telehealth. And if you are unsure of whether your condition warrants a physical visit, you can schedule a call to inquire.

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